Life is a bitch, really, sometimes she make you feel so happy like in heaven and then suddenly put you into a hell of dilemma only exist in dramas which you laughed at before. We don’t have a place to complain to about unfairness at that time nor a way to get rid of it but to accept silently. Sometimes you think you may let it go, but finally you will realize that you can’t, you just can not do that so easily because things contained in heart can never be swept away like dust. Most of times we should fight back to life, no matter of success or failure, as long as we tried we will feel peace in some way, well, it is a hurting way. We may bend over to life temporarily, but we don’t have time to regret, and we should revoke the faith of fighting to success that exists deep in the heart and blood, and that would be what we should stick to in our life.