PR即Privew Release。

What’s New

  • 第一次启动时会提示是否Import旧版本FireFox或者IE的设置。

  • 改进的Bookmarks Manager

  • 如果加载的页面上面有插件需要安装,会在页面最上方出现Addtional plugins are required…字样,并且有安装插件的链接。

  • Live Bookmarks

    可以添加RSS作为链接,如在Toolbar上出现的Latest Headlines,会自动从Mozilla网站上面更新新闻链接,不过是英文的。

  • Improved Find

    Find is easier and more powerful now with our new Find toolbar. The Find toolbar (which shows at the bottom of the browser window) automatically highlights text in the page as you type and has a useful highlight feature.

  • Managing Annoyances and Protecting Security

    You can now open blocked popups, and the Extension install system now blocks all attempts to install software from sites other than Users can add other sites to a list that allows them to offer software, but software is never automatically installed. In addition to these steps, several other measures have been taken to prevent phishing attacks and to highlight when a page is being viewed over a secure connection.

  • Strong Encryption For Passwords Available

    Passwords saved with the Password Manager can now be more easily encrypted with strong encryption by creating a “Master Password”. If you create a Master Password, you are prompted once per session to enter the Master Password so that Password Manager can automatically fill in site logins. A useful feature for people who share computers with others and want improved security.

  • Improved Compatibility for IE users

    Help菜单中有个For IE Users,IE用户可以在这里查看与IE对应的FireFox上面的一些用法。

但是个人觉得,虽然FireFox把Tabbed Browsing作为它的一个Feature,但是默认的Tab功能实在是太弱。虽然有Plugin可以增强Tab的功能使之与Maxthon (MyIE2)等差不多。但如果是一个Newbie来使用的话还是有诸多不便。



  1. Netscape也是这样