Those days are kind of jumbled to me! Hot, Love and Shopping, all crazy experiences!

Last Friday night, we Chinese guys in Physics went to an interesting restaurant called Duff’s Famous Wings. This restaurant is well known in Toronto for its spicy wings. They had several levels of spicy, which is different from other mass restaurant. The medium level in here is hot in other restaurants, and medium hot is very hot, and very hot is hot to death…HAHA…The highest level has a grade 850000. And everytime the customers order the 850000 spicy wings, the fire alarm in this restaurant will sound ^_^ Being aware of this, we went there..We were all very curious how spicy it can be. So we ordered wings from medium to hot to death. I am not good at spicy food. So I didn’t plan to try the "death" one. However, after 2 pieces of medium, I found I was still Ok. So I think, maybe I should challenge myself. And so I did. A tiny bite—————————–Oh my god! So-o-o-o-o ….after 2 minutes of unable talking, 2 bottles of ice water and some onion rings, I finally waked from this tiny bite of "death", alive again. Now there was another big problem. How about the rest of this wing? To throw it away like that seems too wasty to me. But to finish it was realy a big job, and needed a lot of courage cause I had known how spicy it was, it is the "death" one! So I was struggling, and everyone was waiting for my decision. (The one that tried the "death" was always the focus in the group). After half an hour, I finaly decided to chalenge myself, just for fun. So I did— took a deep breath, ordered more ice water, and a dish of fries.And after 30 seconds——-OOOOO—Jesus!My lips! My tougue! Do you know the feeling of tougue tic? If not, go to try the 850000 spicy wings! It took me 15minutes to return to life. Oh, so piquant!!! I love this feeling and I am proud of myself that I have this courage to challenge myself.  It was our rules that everyone had to finish at least one wings. But there are several guys refused to follow this rule, which was not allowed by the rest. So there were 4 "death" wings left and we agreed to decide who take care of those wings by lot. And the funny thing was, the one who got the lot with"EAT!" were just the ones who refused. So it turned out everyone of us knew what the taste of "death". And the rest of us had a great enjoy of the funny facial emotion of the winners of "EAT!" . HAHA…And of course, we got fire alarm in this restaurant. I love this place and will certainly come again in the future!

And then, I remind that life sometimes is just like to take the rest of "death" wings after a tiny bite. These days I am wathcing the old play shows Sex and the City, as well as its movie version. I like the girls there so much, and some boys. I like Miranda the most. She is so sensive, and so kind. I like Mr.Big the most. He is so smart and aware. And Carrie, she is a brave girl. She has the courage to take the "death" wings. After several times of being hurted by Mr.Big, she still has the courage to believe him again. Sometimes it is realy difficult for people to do this cause we have known how painful it is. But Carrie made it, and of course, she got her love of the life finally. This movie makes me think a lot a lot about my life, my families and my friends and their relationships ever. I haven’t been in any relationship, but they are my mirrors, showing my image and helping me to keep a calm mind as much as possible in the future when I am in some relationship.

And shopping. I think I must be affected by the girls in Sex and the City. Last weekend, I spend almost 2000 ¥for clothes, bags and shoes. Sometimes it realy can make you feel crazy and happy to spend some money.  Now I have enough to show off this summer, though here it is not very hot and not that much change to wear short pant and skirt, expecially for me, a girl working in the lab in basement.

Expecting for more fun in the summer!