There was a disarster happening in our lab last weekend. Our vaccum pump totally dead. There are four wheels in the pump, around 100 teeth on them, none of them left. No one knows what happened. Because the wheels were spinning at such a high speed, any broken in it will make huge sounds…But I was in the lab very regularly last week, and did not hear any terrible sounds. So this must happened in the weekend. What worse is, we don’t know the reason…It could be any out of balance of the machine, or any tiny friction between those wheels, or any dust that should not be there, or the age of the pump which is just the time for it to die…However, we should be aware of the age of the pump, so we can take good care of it and avoid the further damage ment…The result of the disarster is, the whole ion measurement part of the instrument was broken due to the resulted damage from the fragments from the pump. This will cost us a good month to repair everything…Very quickly, the news spread to everyone in the group…and a lot of them came to my lab to see the disarster….they kidding our minners:"Such a good New Year’s gift to our group!" Hehe, yeah, it is…a good lesson: Be aware of any unexpected noise from the lab! Actually when we first found Jessica is not working at the end of last year, we called the company, and Jessi’s parents asked us if we heard some high frequency noise. And Uncle Francis told them "NO"….Actually, at that time, there was some, but we just thought it comes from the long time vacation of Jessi…She is not working for 7 months, And after such a long time sleeping, when we first woke her up, it is quite normal to hear some noise…But apperantely, Jessi’s parents know her better than us uncles and anties…And when we saw her dead body this week, we were all shocked…My boss came down to our lab too, and after he saw those fragments, he decided not to see them again…Oh, Jessi, we are sorry…Our heart are broken…Have a good vacation with your parents…And we will take a good care of you when you come back.