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Why Do Women Shop More Often Than Men Do?

This essay was published on Issue No.7 of Huizhi – an Accenture Greater China Employee Newsletter. Copyright fully reserved.

WOMEN will spend more than 8 years averagely in shopping according to a recent study conducted by GE Money! One of the possible reasons that shopping is mostly done by women is NOT because women like to indulge themselves into making choices among colors, styles, sizes and smells, but that men in the house DO NOT shop!

Dealing with over 8 years of shopping experience (retail experience to be more exact) that should commence at an age of a girl,  most women are trying to develop great retail skills out of just grabbing their targets and going away. Women should treat these 8 years with real delicacy in the way of carrying on a second profession in their life. This can be an art for men to learn in years! Men are not likely to shop around to get the best price. They never comprehend why a on-sale message from your favorite mall would infuse you and you would be on your way to the mall in the next 15 minutes however exhausted you are. They seldom know where to get great deals of the last season or year at discount stores. They never understand why a great deal – buying a cup with 5 yuan off would throw women into ecstasy!

Women relate their shopping experience with an array of aspects that might be meaningless to men, such as how they like the way the sales clerks address them, the decoration in the mall and even how a brand tag is attached to an item: whether it’s sealed on the clothes or just strung with a fine nylon! This could be the reason why men tend to enjoy shopping experience much more than women do. They are not susceptible to these subtleties nor they choose to be just for convenience.

It is very common to find in China that a new wife who usually buy things for her family at high prices would be called a wasteful wife by her parents-in-law and a prediction that she is likely to squander the money of the family some time in the future would be made against her automatically.  She could get some credits off the record of being a good wife and a future mother immediately if she does not know how to improve. Stereotypes in China or almost every other country help men to rid the inconvenience of shopping around and women have to go out and do more shopping than their boyfriends or husbands do.

But women are in luck that we actually FEEL happy in simply keeping ourselves fed and clothed with our own careful choices. As a woman, I know how strong the sense of achievement emanated from shopping is, which could drive us further than 8 years. It is said that the habit of collecting berries and roots had been coded in women’s genes since ancient times when modern human beings (homo sapiens) lived on the planet several hundred thousand years ago. Female homo sapiens brought tubers, fruits and vegetables in all colors with all kinds of odors and tastes back to their houses  (or should I say caves?) while the male just brought some plain dead meat which looks and tastes not too differently! Just imagine that and you can realize why women are genetically able to sense so many variations and choose from them.

Why do women shop more often than men do? This is a question for men basically. For a woman, why not feel great when you know there are a lot of good deals out there waiting for you?

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