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Who own the world at last, men or women?

This argument came across my mind during a random post-lunch chat with some colleagues this noon:

Eventually it is (pretty) women who get the fortune of the entire world.

Let me explain the steps that led to this conclusion:

Step 1: Most of the time women outlive men.

Reasons: women have a lot of biological and social advantages compared with men, e.g, women do not like to consume a lot of energy at 1 time; female bodies can reserve more energy than male bodies; women eat more vegetables and fruits than men who live on a monotonous diet of meats and starch; women pay more attention to their health conditions and they like to talk about them; women release stress and bad emotions easily by crying and confiding their worries to their friends, but men do not tend to do the same because it is against the social norms that men are “big men” who do not show any weaknesses to others…

Step 2: The above rule also applies to rich men.

Despite that rich men can enjoy extremely good health care and medical services, they die prior to their wives do due to that men’s  biological decline happens much earlier than it happens to their wives.

Step 3: What’s even worse, most rich men (old or young) like to marry pretty women that are (much) younger than them. And about 85% of the fortune of the world is owned by about 15% of the polulation, the wealthy men, according to the famous 15% rule.

This means the gap between the life span of the wealthy husbands and that of their younger wives would be bigger than the average gap between the average life span of less wealthy men and that of their wives.

Step 4: These younger wives of the dead rich men get most of the heritage left by their rich husbands. The wives of less rich men or average men also get the heritage from their less rich husbands across the globe.

Step 5: Eventually women (espeically attractive women) get most of the world’s fortune by means of marriage.

A furthur conclusion:

Men make money for women to spend. The world is seemingly controlled by men but eventually it is owned by women. Wahahaha!