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Tree Diagram of Love

I created the following tree diagram as a visual aid in my training sessions last week when we talked about love and relationships – the kind of topics that most people keep thinking on their mind on Valentine’s Day.  

The tree grows right from one’s heart. There are many “branches” growing out from the main “stem”. On each branch, “leaves” and “flowers” grow along the way. But there is only 1 “fruit” that this love tree bears, which is “celebrating golden anniversary (50 years of marriage)” leading to a joyful shout ”You win!”. This tree diagram gave my trainees a very clear vision of how a romantic relationship evolves in different ways. Most of my trainees loved it!

Now can you find out where your current relationship status are in this tree diagram? I hope you are not too far from the winning branch!

Click on the picture below and you will see it coming up in its original size.

Whenever you hit “You lose!”, remember to go back to the beginning – your heart and start looking for your Mr. / Ms. Right again!