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A TEFL blog: You have to train yourself to think in English

Christmas is a time for gladness and rejoicing …and of course English training sessions!


Get Up! Confidence!

Hey everyone! I set up this blog to share some of my experience of learning English as both a language and more importantly, a way of thinking.

Most trainees spend almost one third of their school years in learning English and they complain all the time that they are not good at it. Is it our English pronunciation that holds us back? The fact that Chinese people carry lighter accent when speaking English becomes pleasantly obvious when we talk to people from other Asian countries. So it is not about our prounciation or accent.

Or is it true that we do not know as many words as what should be enough? Nah. Never! A lot of trainees use SO MANY complicated words in their quizzes that I always turn to online dictionary for help.

Grammar is never a problem for Chinese English learners. Most of you can write in correct tense and make perfect use of subjectives such as “would” and “were”. As one of our colleague trainer John said, our English education focus too much on grammar. The truth is, grammar is one of the last things that you need to spend one of your third school time on.

It seems there is actually nothing in our way of learning English. What is holding back our fantastic pronunciation and our great bank of vocabulary? Nothing but confidence!

So why cannot we be as confident when we speak English as when speaking Chinese? English is just a language. It is totally NOT linked with intelligence, integrity or any other qualities that people may rely on when looking at a person. It is absolutely unfair to judge a person in terms of whether he/she is not good at a language that is not his/her mother tongue. No one is qualifed to do that because everyone has a language that is totally foreign to him/her.

We are all smart and fast learners. All we need is a little bit more confience. What you can do is find more opportunities to speak during discussion sessions. Seize the time and speak up!