Underscoring the company’s aggressive charge to create an open standards-based infrastructure capable of supporting different devices, different networks and different types of interaction, the new software adds to IBM’s range of solutions for mobile workers. With today’s announcement, IBM now supports more of the handheld operating systems worldwide than any other vendor – - including support for the Palm OS, Linux, Symbian, and Pocket PC platforms. Together, these handheld operating systems make up at least 90% of the worldwide market. IBM has made recent announcements with – - Palm, Sharp, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Cisco and Matsushita – - beginning a movement to develop a framework to provide true interoperability across operating systems, devices, markets and operators.

The jumpstart solution will include IBM WebSphere Everyplace Connection Manager (WECM), software that enables high speed connections that help users roam seamlessly between wireline connections, PWLAN hot spots and existing public wireless connections without losing the existing session. Additionally, Lucent Technologies has selected IBM to help create an end-to-end solution. Lucent has tested, and can integrate, WECM with its mobile high-speed data offers for service providers, enabling a high level of interoperability and roaming capabilities. The new mobile starter kit will offer customers up to 50 aircards provided by carriers that support 1XRTT networks allowing customers to access e-mail and other systems remotely. Also known as CDMA2000, 1xRTT is an evolutionary step toward 3G technology based on the CDMA platform that allows network customers to access voice, e-mail and other data services remotely at ISDN-like speeds of up to 153Kbps.

such as mobile sales and field force automation, e-mail access, asset monitoring, supply chain management and mobile commerce — as well as new devices and networks

Hill Air Force Base transforms supply chain with IBM software:

Hill Air Force Base will use the new wireless solution to provide logistics managers real time on-demand access to its Automated Manifest Tracking System (AMTS). AMTS is a critical parts delivery application that helps Air Force Depots keep track of and account for delivery and distribution of parts between worldwide Bases and the Defense Logistics Agency.


high-grade security, device independence and flexibility were highly demanding.