That’s why the world’s leading Telecom Equipment Manufacturers are turning to the QNX?/SUP> Neutrino?/SUP> RTOS to power their carrier-grade product lines. With a microkernel architecture designed for dynamically scalable, high-availability systems, QNX Neutrino allows TEMs to reduce development costs, maximize density, eliminate downtime, and ultimately deliver products faster to their customers:

  • Achieve maximum density As the only RTOS to support true symmetric multiprocessing (SMP), QNX Neutrino lets you add significant computational power without adding more cards to your chassis.
  • Build self-healing network elements In QNX Neutrino, virtually any software component can fail and be intelligently restarted without rebooting and without damaging other services.
  • Upgrade systems without downtime With QNX Neutrino, you can add new services and upgrade virtually any software component including drivers and protocol stacks — on the fly.
  • Code once, then target an entire product line — Thanks to QNX Neutrino’s modular architecture and massive scalability, you can target everything from integrated access devices to high-end routers, using just one OS, one API, one set of software binaries, and one set of industry-standard tools.