Girl Marketing 

3iYing是我在BusinessWeek Online中一篇关于麦当劳的文章中看到的。麦当劳在法国市场上推出了针对女孩的营销运动。而这个运动的主角就是3iYing公司(。 

3iYing是一个专门针对女孩营销的团队,专门为品牌提供针对女孩市场的品牌策略和服务。虽然这个公司刚刚成立不久,但是已经获得很多大品牌的关注,包括The Body ShopEASamsung等等。的确,品牌咨询这个行业已经越来越专业化,分割化。一个品牌的成功已经不可能仅仅靠品牌自身活动,更不可能通过一个品牌咨询机构获得。一个成功的品牌需要一个强有力的品牌领导,通过这个品牌领导去整合企业内外部的资源,包括广告代理商、品牌咨询公司和专业的市场服务机构。一个成功的品牌经理或者企业管理者,不仅仅需要领导他的部门或者企业去开拓资源,更需要有效地利用这些外部服务机构,从而获得更多的发展机会。 



3iying’s girl market precision is unparalleled – we specialize in market and design strategies for girls 15 to 22, and we are the most efficient and effective firm available.

Modern girls are unique, they have a historically distinct cultural, social and media mindset from prior generations – traditional agencies are unable to understand and communicate with this modern girl.

3iying’s original all-girl agency model overcomes the limitations of traditional agencies. Our entire intelligence and design team is built from an international group of gifted and driven girls ages 15- 25.

 3iying’s market power and clarity comes from working exclusively with the source.

 3iying’s market power and clarity comes from working exclusively with the source.

 3iying’s market power and clarity comes from working exclusively with the source.

3iying knows what girls want, why they want it, and how to make them buy it. Be it product development, promotional campaigns to design communication – 3iying’s solutions reflect the mindset of a 21st century mass market girl.   

3iying is founded on a 13 year legacy of internationally recognized girl market leadership. Our founder Heidi Dangelmaier made her first pioneering contribution to  design as the only female robotics student in princeton’s Ph.D department. Subsequently, Heidi made media history as she lead segas first initiative to make video games for girls.   Known as HI-D to the industry Heidi has been hired by dozens of fortune 500 clients, contributed to 4 books, published 10 articles, been the subject of more than 35 press pieces & news programs and even has one patent with a telecom giant.

3iying is less than a year old, but press and clients are already declaring that this young girl team has the right stuff to champion this milleniums girl market.