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Delphi 2005 Registered Users Updates

Delphi 2005 Registered Users Updates

Python for Series 60

Python for Series 60


Python for Series 60 allows developers to execute Python commands and run Python scripts and applications in devices based on Series 60 Platform. In addition, developers can execute Python commands and scripts in the emulators of Series 60 Developer Platform SDK’s. Development starts with an interactive console in a Series 60 compatible [...]




how to get imei code use java?
我搜寻了一下发现只能用 C 才能做到!郁闷!
还有一个据说是铁定的bug 就是 createimage 会死机. 从数组创建一个图片..
Nokia 60的Image.createImage死机问题


Using Backlight and Vibration Description: There are methods for using backlight and vibration both in the Nokia UI API (DeviceControl.flashLights(long duration) and DeviceControl.startVibra (int freq, long duration)) and in MIDP 2.0 (flashBacklight(int duration) and vibrate(int duration)).
It is recommended not to use the Nokia UI API methods.

Solution: The MIDP 2.0 methods should be used. In software versions 3.42.1 and 4.09.1, only backlight is supported.


五子棋原来是个博大精深的哦. 还有个兵法!

WAY FINDER!国外的手机应用.


波斯王子 武者之心:: 第一关过不去阿!

最近coloman 在玩这个游戏. 但卡在了第一关. 有一个地方连续的滚动的柱子(带飞刀的) 跳不过去的. 大家有玩的吗?


打企鹅7 官方发布下载.广告语打造

打企鹅7 官方发布下载.广告语打造


有人说我很无聊.我就发些你们没看到的吧. 另外我整理了一下分类. just for chinese.