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录音门 宁河拆迁 官员语录 张熙玲

[FWD] SRP Protocol Design

SRP Protocol DesignSRP is the newest addition to a new class of strong authentication protocols that resist all the well-known passive and active attacks over the network. SRP borrows some elements from other key-exchange and identification protcols and adds some subtle modifications and refinements. The result is a protocol that preserves the strength and efficiency [...]

know is not meaning familer and professional

know is only know the wear. not the body inside.
not familer and professional.
所以尽管新毕业的学生会在简历中写到熟练XXX  再经过了几年实际的工作后, 反而会减少这些字眼 换之 严谨的说法, 对XXX有一定的了解和应用经验。并列举一些实际的内容。
今天TJ ask us what the content we have learned on my colledge. computer graphics, computer architect, operation system. and the like.  i say i know it , but not famlier with them. and i seldom use some knowledge [...]

What is Google?

Google is one key for me to enter the whole world.
Without it ,i will miss so many thing.


推荐 5# 的技术blog 
还有 Troy.Dunniway的双语BLOG  即将连载 英雄之旅 1 讲述游戏设计相关的

BigWorld Indie Version

BigWorld Indie is for the casual enthusiast and can be used as a pathway to the BigWorld Indie Source or the full scale BigWorld Commercial license. It’s the most affordable of the three offerings, but also carries…