know is not meaning familer and professional

know is only know the wear. not the body inside.

not familer and professional.

所以尽管新毕业的学生会在简历中写到熟练XXX  再经过了几年实际的工作后, 反而会减少这些字眼 换之 严谨的说法, 对XXX有一定的了解和应用经验。并列举一些实际的内容。

今天TJ ask us what the content we have learned on my colledge. computer graphics, computer architect, operation system. and the like.  i say i know it , but not famlier with them. and i seldom use some knowledge of computer graphics, and without using computer architect.  我说的是实话。 有些课程我似乎真的没有直接的用到, 也许是因为所处的领域不同吧。

那我回过头来想想我现在对哪些算是熟悉的呢? 我想应该是如下几点,

 1, 多线程

2. 数据库设计(包括存储过程和表结构设计 查询优化等 mysql oracle ms sql)

3.socket network programming  (得益于cmpp sgip 项目 和tptfw ) platform (javame symbian iphone <game>) /GameServer (use java nio) /

5.custom script engine for rpg game (used in my not success project)

6. some code tips. (reuseable design ,architect tech design)

7. Bigworld engine based programming. (python mainly )

8. Freebsd linux configuration. (Including bigworld server construct because i have get CCNA in 2002 for ehance my network programming level)

9. normal cms (jo0mula,wordpress , trac svn integrated, cpanel) 

10. 3D programming concept  ( not all only object transform based on quanterion)   unity3d (3 months)

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