Google adsense的广告中的小字体改好看了,研究了一下用的字体是:Pmingliu,大小:11px,之前在POCO站点的图上看到过这样的字
google ad中使用的:
font-family: Pmingliu,verdana,arial,sans-serif;font-size:11px


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一篇文章表达了本人对WEB QQ的关注有加,引出一个专业做聊天工具的家伙,那就是——VQQ。





  1. 支持表情用语和表情图案,这在传统聊天室里很平常了;
  2. 据说代码并不是用Ajax写的,因此在服务器的负荷没有Gablly大;果如他们老大所言,我祝贺它,运行效率高意味着具有普及的最基础条件,不然前期投入会相当巨大。
  3. 可自定义聊天室的标题(名称)。
  4. 嵌入页面时可以用JS 代码,显示时可选择直接出现窗口还是通过点击飘浮的图标弹出窗口,这个设计思路比Gabbly的要好得多。
  5. 图标支持自定义,嗯,这点考虑得非常人性化。
  6. 可以针对性的一对一聊,也可以两个人私聊。这点也很对路,毕竟是一群专业开发聊天工具的技术团队,有技术背景和经验;
  7. 甚至预览都考虑到了……
  8. 支持UTF-8和GB2312编码,对中文英文的支持就更不用说了。


  1. 窗口过大,且无法象Gablly那样拖曳变大变小;这点很致命。
  2. 拖曳窗口时会附带鼠标选中页面内容,看来需要优化处理这个细节;
  3. 没有声音;更没有开关;
  4. 没有保留聊天历史纪录的办法;Gabbly是支持RSS订阅,从某种程度上可以保持历史纪录;
  5. 没有传统聊天工具中以不同颜色(通常是红色)字体显示本人发出信息或接收到信息的区别方式;也没有自定义字体颜色的选择;



  • 在线chat不同于web IM,它应该是介于BBS与Web IM之间的东西;毕竟没有注册帐号的繁琐过程;
  • 它的未来发展可以结合博客、BSP和企业在线客服,进行大面积的运用;
  • 交互性的细节做得是否到位,往往决定它的未来命运:比如,传统论坛里可以查看到发贴人的更多信息,包括他的主页、QQ甚至邮箱;而在QQ聊天室里,你也可以在弹出菜单中查看这个人的QQ信息。
  • chat中每个人来得容易去得也快,信息的真实性与虚拟性一定要结合得较好,如果一眼望去全是“游客1234”之类的一大串,估计你也没有继续聊下去的欲望。穿马甲应该成为最基本的必须的第一道程序。
  • 如果可以选择填写性别并区别开来,也是增强粘性的办法之一,当然还可以选择填写blog。如果某人进了一会就走了,你永远找不到她,但她填写了blog地址,你打开了她的另一个附加信息之地,可以去留言评论,一样还有交互的可能性。
  • 其它的,应该结合BBS和chat的细节认真琢磨,结合在线IM,可以定义状态,如离开、在线、私聊、忙碌等,以颜色不同的图标区别开来,就不会有往常聊天室乱哄哄的样子。
  • VIP:这个东西要根据用户特殊的需求来开发,做成升级的黄金版,可以出售;比如聊天记录的保留,比如信息聚合到web静态页面,比如添加管理员(可以踢人)等,还可以增加一些娱乐性强的东西。

但愿VQQ能够成为中国特色的web chat的佼佼者,关键要与gabbly、新浪、web QQ等东西区别开来,自己有特色,并且在推广思路上独辟蹊径,估计还是有很大发展空间。

  1. Ajallerix : AJAX, simple, fast Web image gallery demo ; at Novell
  2. AJAX – microlink pattern tutorial : A microlink is a link that opens up content below it.
  3. Ajax BBC News RSS Reader : demo by Nigel Crawley
  4. AJAX Chat in Python with Dojo : at AquaAjax
  5. Ajax Chess : multiplayer chess
  6. Ajax examples at BackBase : examples demonstrating several aspects of the Backbase technology.
  7. Ajax examples at Rico : Inner HTML, JavaScript updater etc.
  8. Ajax examples using ColdFusionMX, SQLServer, SOAP : Contact Manager, NOAA 7 Day Forecast code and demos.
  9. Ajax Feed TV : News feed
  10. Ajax inline dictionary : Highlight any text on this site then right click. A tooltip containing the definition of the selected word should show up.
  11. Ajaxload : Ajax loading gif generator.
  12. Ajax Login Demo : Creating a secure login system using XMLHttpRequest
  13. Ajax Newsletter Signup : A newsletter signup form that shows Thank You on the same page.
  14. ajaxProject : Project Management applicaiton with rich UI
  15. Ajax Rater : A star rating system that uses Ajax.
  16. AJAX-S : An Ajax-based slideshow system.
  17. AJAX Spell Checker : spell check text / form content.
  18. Ajax Toolbox : Tools for the Ajax Developer
  19. Amazon Catalog Tree : Amazon Catalog Tree
  20. Amazon Zuggest : Amazon product suggestion (like google suggest)
  21. Askeet by symfony : Digg-like AJAX interactions; open source
  22. Backbase – Ajax Demos : Ajax demos at BackBase
  23. Basic Ajax Examples : Ping, track changes, drop down, Google suggest hack etc at Clearnova
  24. Behaviour : Fading lists, Sortable lists, Dropout boxen, Shaky lists
  25. chat.app : ajax chat
  26. Chihuahua Word Puzzle : daily word puzzles
  27. Coloir : Ajax Slideshow
  28. DHTML arcade/action games : a collection that demonstrate the power of DHTML
  29. DomAPI : Windows Desktop, Outlook-like, RSS Reader
  30. Drag and Drop Shopping Cart Demo : at CyberDummy
  31. Easy AJAX inline text edit 2.0 : edit a piece of text inline
  32. FileChucker : File upload and progress bar at Encodable.com
  33. Gmail Style Check Username AJAX Demo : at CyberDummy
  34. Google Web Toolkit Example Projects : Hello World, Dynamic Table, Desktop App Clone etc
  35. GreyBox : Pop up window using idea of light box.
  36. FiftyFourEleven: Ajax Examples
  37. IntuiCat – ajax Catalogue : Ajax-based Catalogue Demo
  38. jsLINB programming demos : LINB(Lazy INternet and Browser)
  39. JSlog : Ajax logging tool.
  40. JS/UIX Unix Shell : JS/UIX is an UN*X-like OS for standard web-browsers, written entirely in JavaScript.
  41. Lace : free web chat application
  42. Lightbox : simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on the current page.
  43. Leightbox : Light Box with inline div’s instead of AJAX calls.
  44. Live Quote Demo : Simple way of creating an updating stock quote table in ajax.
  45. Magnetic Poetry : drag and drop poetry
  46. Metatron Chat Engine : PHP/MySQL/JavaScript powered chat engine
  47. Monket Calendar : online calendar
  48. Multi List Drag Drop Demo : at CyberDummy
  49. NetDirector : open and extensible framework for managing configurations of common open source network services.
  50. nexImage : Image processing demo
  51. Opera Platform : Enabling AJAX applications on mobile phones
  52. Orbeon examples : various examples illustrating the capabilities of OPS, from the OPS Tutorial examples to XForms examples
  53. OVO Suite : Online Virtual Office : virtual office limited demo
  54. phpFreeChat : php Free Chat
  55. S5: A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System : S5 is a slide show format based entirely on XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  56. script.aculo.us Reflector : image reflector script that uses uses opacity-based fades
  57. Slider Bar Demo : at CyberDummy
  58. SmallestAjax : Smallest Ajax example in the world?
  59. Spell Check demo : by Primal Grasp
  60. Super Maryo World : Japanese game demo
  61. Tacos : Tacos provides a library of useful Tapestry components. This application provides some examples to get you started.
  62. theList : to-do list / bug-tracker
  63. ThickBox : ThickBox is a Lightbox than can show html pages as well as images.
  64. Tooltip.js : Tooltip.js is a simple class to make it possible to add tooltips to your page.
  65. Treehouse Chat : ajax chat
  66. Tudu Lists : open-source to-do lists
  67. WeBoggle : Ajax Boggle
  68. XHTML live Chat : ajax chat
  69. YahooSearchAsYouType : Yahoo search as you type
  70. ZK Demo : demo programs for various components


  • : Pastel blue on light gray. available in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, Croatian and Hindi. Modules: Box.net storage with MP3’s player, gmail, Yahoo mail, Ical, Weather, Social applications(Flickr, Digg, Blogmarks, webnote, writly…) RSS/ATOM feedreader with OMPL import. Demo available. Works in Safari. [blog]
  • (Flash): Looks a bit like the Mac OS X desktop theme with it’s dock, see the screenshots. Has a lot of applications like mail management, calendar(drag and drop events!), games…with KDE Linux theme icons. All Flash-based work in Safari. Demo available. [blog]
  • : Pastel blue on white. Is now being used as "an incubation project", mostly to test ideas for live.com. Expand/collapse modules: Feeds, weather, stock, horoscope, click, shopping and some photo modules. Does not work in Safari. Demo available. [blog][via]
  • with user made module you can submit and rate here: Gadgets gallery. You can feel it’s Microsoft, and it’s blue. See Windows Live 8 Years Ago by Pinoy Tech Blog. Demo available. Does not work in Safari.[Blog]
  • : Very ‘bright’ page, has 5 pastel color settings. Expand/collaps modules: Feeds, Notes, Flick slidshow and bookmkarks. Previous icon: icon. No demo available. Works in Safari [review]
  • : Has 8 pastel themes. Does not work in Safari.
  • : What can I say? Google style with user made module you can submit and rate here: Google Modules Gallery or HotModules. Works in Safari.
  • : Tabbed interface, a bit darker than pastel. Has support for many social applications, see the module Gallery. Does not work in Safari.
  • (flash): All blue, has nothing to do with the icon. Demo available.[review][blog]
  • : Original design with bright colors where the blocks can overlap each other. The old icon used to be like this: Does not work in Safari, but you can get the feeling. Demo available. [Blog]
  • BACKBASE: Sober and clean interface. Double click exapnd/collapse maodules. Weather, Horoscope, Email(AOL/Yahoo/Hotmail), Custom portofolio(sortable table)web search. Does not work in Safari.
  • Inbox.com: Multi service, 2GB Webmail(Access Multiple POP3 Accounts), Search, Storage, Calendar, Notes and more, has colorful blocks of 6 different colors. Seems to work in Safari.
  • ItsAStart: An other pastel style with expande/collaps modules. Weather, bookmarks, Google search, clock, Notes and Feeds. Demo available. Seems to work in Safari.
  • Fold: Has shut down.





Social Services

Web Application



Internet Portal
Naver(Focused on search, NHN’s property), Daum(Mail, community and news), Nate/Cyworld(Social network), Yahoo! Korea(News and search), Emaps(Search), Paran(owned by KT), Dreamwiz.

Auction(owned by Ebay), Gmarket(InterPark’s properties, forcused on auction), Dnshop(Daum’s property, shopping), InterPark(Korean first shopping mall), LG eshop and CJ mall(Cable TV shopping).

Game Portal
Hangame(NHN’s property), NetMarble (CJ Internet’s), Pimang(Neowiz’s Property), Nexon.

SayClub(Chatting, Neowiz’s Property), BuddyBuddy(Teenagers Messenger), Bugs(Streaming music).

Internet Banking
KB Bank and Nonghyup Bank. Most of Korean have a personal certificate for internet banking.

Online Media
Chosun Daily and Joongang Daily(korea newspapers), KBS and MBC (korean broadcasts).

These were refered to as following sources. KoreanClick and InternetMetrix are expert research company, so I think they’re trustable rather than Rankey or Alexa.



七夕情人节寻宝  得IBM笔记本


农历七月初七,是中国的情人节。“两情若是久长时,又岂在朝朝暮暮?”一首相传已久,脍炙人口的古诗,道出了牛郎织女千年不变的爱情故事,现代的人们依旧 羡慕他们两位的爱情,每阅此诗词,无不感人,顿生凄美之情。现传牛郎织女这天会在鹊桥上相会,数不尽的绵绵情话,道不尽的甜言蜜语……动人的爱情 故事,感人的传说,这个就是中国情人节的由来。爱情,永远是人类的主题之一!7月31日就是中国情人节,你为她(他)准备了什么了吗?


function hideFrame(){

[ 如果你已经使用onload了,将