Where is the CWLK?

Heroes arise to challenge fate, and lead their brethren to battle!

Before the day of the Chinese TBC opening,Ediart the titan of the BBS site NGACN.cc said that as mortal armies rush blindly towards their doom,the burning shadow comes to consume us all….

as 2 years have passed ,the WOW has already upgrade to 3.13 BESIDE CHINA.

As we all know that CWOWer is a big crowd in the world ,we have too many expectations.But when we face the status of CWLK ,what we can do ? Complaining in the BBS and going  on playing  the backward version?

We are too helpless! We need help!

When the foreign WOWers were fighting with Illidan ,we were playing in the NAXX. When we could finally fight with Illidan again and again ,they went to the Northland and fighted in the NAXX.Now they have killed the Lich King began to

experience the Cataclysm,but we still have to stay in the Outland !WHY? Just to provide resources for them?

HAHA  ! According to this ,our CWOWers have made a great achievement! We should be proud of this! We can say:hey guys 

don’t be afraid ,we will be supporting you forever!

Although WOW is a wonderful MMORPG, the CWOW is really a great tragedy!

April 26 2005 World of warcraft began to bete in China .NOW we are in 2010 .Five years have passed!

Do you think  the coming of CWLK will be welcomed in April 26 2010 ?

Let us make a wish ,wait and see!

You must gather your party before venturing forth! 

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