Adobe的Sean Moore写了篇blog介绍Flex最佳实践,看着有帮助,链接贴过来:

  • Use workspaces to keep your Flex projects organized.
  • Use a common directory for your Flex workspace in team environments.
  • Follow common naming conventions for Flex project names.
  • Determine your target platform.
  • Use the default "bin-debug" directory.
  • Put your code in the "src" directory.
  • Use object-oriented programming practices for Flex projects.
  • Use a source code control solution.
  • Reference shared SWC libraries using the Flex Library path.
  • Use the libs folder to bundle SWC libraries with your Flex project.
  • Use UpperCamelCasing for MXML file names.
  • Use UpperCamelCasing for ActionScript Class file names.
  • Use UpperCamelCasing for ActionScript Interface file names, and begin the file name with a capitalized letter I.
  • Do not use spaces when naming files!
  • Do not use special characters when naming files.
  • Do not use acronyms or abbreviations.
  • Do not use periods in file names.
  • Use packages to organize and structure your projects codebase.
  • Use the following format for package names: com.seantheflexguy.stringUtils