8 wa in pku.

5 wa in zoj.

1 wa in hoj.

Just the same program.

At last, AC!

It’s about double type.

How about my another double type program still wa?

I don’t know!

What a depressive day yesterday for we can’t log on the hoj! That means I can’t submit the programs.

But now, I have AC 6 programs successively because they were all AC yesterday on pku or zoj.

Just look at the ranklist, I have been the no.3 of the third page. All I have to do to endeavor, endeavor, & endeavor to be one of the page two.

To my happiness, I get the book named "Design and Analyse of Computer Algorithm" written by Wang Xiaodong in the same bookshop which I haven’t found it a few days ago.

So, let me move!

Learn more algorithm and practise them in acm, just to AC.


Soccer, my love.

But now, I have no time to play it with my friends.

I am the best player in HIT-04-C.S, but until now I haven’t touched it for several months.

HIT is not a good place for me to play soccer.

What a pity!

Can anybody join me in this game, I’m dying for it.


One AC the day before yesterday!

No AC yesterday!

One AC today!


Without basic knowledge of algorithm, I can’t go ahead any further.

Just read books from now on!


I suddenly find myself in danger.

I have to finish my homework in a short time. I am not what I was used to be.

I used to finish my homework much earlier than the deadline but now, I have to finish it just one day before.

What’s wrong with me?

I think I should adjust myself in the national day. I must do it!


The problems solved increasing, I realize I should read more books about algorithm. Some basic algorithm trouble me a lot and I need to read more books to solve the problems.

The acm class is so good that it gives us a stage to study, communicate acm, making me love acm more and more.

It’s pretty good! 


64 a familiar number.

Until now, when I met this number, I have a subtle shock in my heart.

That’s all because of her.

Now, I have ac 64 programs.

Though I love this number, I have to continue, to change it. 


What is happiness?

Happiness is what you feel when ACCEPTED appears on the screen after you have submitted n times with wa.

What’s more, that’s the what you feel when you ACCEPTED appears on the screen after you had been looked down upon because of this problem.

What’s more, that’s what you feel when you remember you can do anything else except programming after your being ACCEPTED.

Happiness is…

Hehe, the most important thing is that I’m happy now!


A simple program took me a whole night to submit with the frustrating result: wrong answer.

When I turned to somebody who is good at this, the reply is "if you can’t correct it, how’s the problems later?"

You can imagine what I am look like at time. I even want to give up and never program.

A frustrating day!

Suddenly I realize he is right!

I should correct it.

Let me move!

Maybe this article is somewhat pertinenceto somebody, but I don’t have any improper word.

I found three Sunner in HIT now, hehe.

The first one is my teacher, the original sunner(http://sunner.cn/), very humourous and warm-hearted. I can’t imagine if we have not him in our C.S. Here, I wanna say thank u, Sunner, my dear Sir.

The second one is a boy I met with by chance when I went downstairs. At that time, I doubted what Sunner came to our flat for but suddenly I found not. He is very like Sunner.

The third one is a boy I met with by chance when I was having my dinner. He resembles Sunner.

A girl asked me whether I missed her so much when I told her I met a little girl who is exactly like her. So I doubt if I miss Sunner so much. Hehe, maybe it’s just because I met him a few days ago.

Just so so!