5 days gone, I have adapted to the life of home. Unbelivable, it’s too cold here, especially at night. As u see, no heating in the house and we have to warm oursselves by physical action. Hehe…

U can’t imagine that my train was blocked by heavy snow in Zhengzhou. Ten tedious hours made me disappointed and I even wanted to take a plane. Well, I arrived home at the exact day, Jan 21th. Lucky dog!

Well, the gone is gone. All I have to do is to receive the new year. Happy New Years, my friends!

Besides having a good time, I don’t forget to learn. Though I just learn a little, I think I am on the way learing, and that’s the point. 

Ac, ac & ac forever!!!


After tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, I will back home.

No internet at home, so I will not write my blog frequently.

Well, happy new year.

See u!



After 5 hours practice, I have got the basic skill of ski.

That’s too cool. The first coast made me love this game. It’s like flying, though I coasted from a low and gently coast. What made me surprise was that I didn’t fall down because of my good balance. After twice practice, I decided to go higher. Then I coasted from a higher place and I did very well. Additional, I had mastered the skill of turning. Cool~  Then I decided to go higher, to the highest of this coast. Lucky, I made it with a beautiful stop!

After the nasty lunch, I went to another coast with the gradient of 20, much steeper than the first coast with the gradient of 6. The first show was safe but it made me scared. Then I had two terrible coast. The moment I started, I lost my balance. Well, as u can imagine, the scene is terrible. So I decided to give up for a moment and went to the first coast for practice. With more confidence, I went back to that steep coast again with some classmates. I made it! Then with more and more proficient skill, I could do something free. Yes, I could master my line on the steep coast. If u have never skied, u can’t imagine the wonderful feeling… Well, due to my bad English, I have only one word, COOL~

Well, with so much feeling of cool, there were some nasty feeling. The first one is about the cable stick. Why not cable car? Sigh, after I felt the large charge, I had to experienced the terrible cable stick. And the horrible lunch. Ten students, 4 dishes including 3 soup. I don’t wanna say anymore about it. My only feeling is that I skied for 3 hours with empty stomach.

On balance, I love this game very much. It’s worth for me to wait in Harbin alone for several days before going back home.  I want to do it more. However, I have no chance. Well, when I succeed in my career, I will go to ski again and again…


I had no blog yesterday because I went out for a walk with my friends. We walked to the city center, looking around. It snowed lightly, but the wind is blowing sharply.

Well, we had a nice walk and saw many beautiful girls, hehe…, feeling good. People in the department store were so many that we had to move in a slow speed. Then, we decided to stay up for movie. After several movies, I found one unengaging, so I asked friends to wake me up after that movie. However, as u know, once sleep, never back to clear-headed when u r staying up.

Incidentally, after this noon, nobody except me will stay in our dorm. I am the last one back home because I will go to ski tomorrow. Expecting…

One friend told me that the music of my blog is attractive. Yes, it’s of Detective Conan. I found all of Conan’s music r wonderful. I will change from time to time to show u Conan’s beautiful music.


I have made another friend via acm.

Yesterday, when I signed in msn, one message came that one person wanted to talk to me via msn. To my surprise, his name is written in Korean. As I expected, he is a foreign friend, from Korea. He knew me by Peking University Online Judge. As I mentioned before, Minh, the Vietnamese friend, knew me in the same way. Both them r in 4th grade.

We talked a lot and I suddenly found I had enough English to communicate with him. Well, both of our mother tongue  is not English.

Acm is very good! And Minh introduced me to register topcoder. It’s also helpful for us, who major in computer science.

The first day of my holiday is coming to end, well, to enjoy it. I have nothing to do but turn on & off my computer, having meal and sleep…

That’s luxurious…







I love conan so much!!!

akai shuichi, member of FBI, shot GIN about 700 yards away, redoubtablely. It’s he who save conan and all. Perfect!!!

A wonderful cartoon, worth to see.

Conan is more and more attractive.


All scores are released except the one I haven’t taken. Hehe, tomorrow is the last day of my first term of the second year in campus. Well, English at last shows me a good view that I get more than 90 in the final exam. THe first time and the last time. English lesson in campus is over but English study is going on as I promised.

Marxism economy, the last exam is ready but I have just looked through the whole book. Well, I believe after several hours, I can have a full comprehension and I can pass the last exam.




Physics 79, passed. HOHO~~~~~~~~~~

Con~ I have passed it and with the additional 80 of discrete maths.

A nice wonderful result though many students have more scores in physics. As for me, the hardest problem is gone and the next & last is Marxism economy. I hope I can have a better result. Well, pass is the essential aim.

Look at the flux of last article I posted yesterday, 419, what a mazing number! I believe all the visitors r interested in that and they may guess whether it is a trick or not. Well, wywcgs had the right answer…