This is the first article in my pamphlet.

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One programming contest is on show on May 20, and we three group into a team. However one of my teammate will leave because some people asked him to join their team on behalf of their lab. Surely, the excuse is reasonable but what makes me confused is that he didn’t tell me formally about his quit.

He, my teammate, is in my dorm and they discussed his quit in my dorm too. That is to say even if he doesn’t tell me about it, I know the whole process. But I take it considered that he should tell me about his quit. Originally, we three grouped into a team, in some extent, we made a deal. So, firstly, his quit is just to break his promise, and secondly, the worst is he didn’t inform of everyone in his team, formally.

Yes, his excuse is reasonable, but did he consider the other two? He take it for granted that I should have known his quit, so he even didn’t me a random message. Besides, as for the one in his lab who asked him to leave our team, I don’t think he did the right thing. Though your lab is lack of people to group into a team, you should not break others’ team. And the contest is coming, where can we find a suitable teammate instead?

What makes me angry is that his lab wants to find another smarter people to take his palce, considering it from our view. They said "Give him back to you". Well, well, well, what does this mean? What do you consider my teammate? A thing or a person?

Well, welcome back, my dear teammate. We need you!

I got below from this:

1.Never break others’ team shaped even if we are lack of teammate.

2.Inform everyone in your team formally when you take activities even if you know he has known it via other ways.

3.Never forsake your teammate even if there is someone smarter than him.

I open this classification to record my mental activities in this pamphlet. I think it necessary to write down what I am thinking every minutes, exactly those useful in sociality.

In this pamphlet, I will record what is I am thinking in social behaviors from those things I come into contact with and I will show you my comment according to those events.

I have a dream that one day, when this pamphlet grows to a certain extent, I like to print and publish it. Though many in it are my own opinions, I like to share this with you, my friends. Well, I will delevop it as my rule of my social activities, that is ‘behavior criterion’.


I broke the rule of our dorm today, exactly just now.

This does not matter much but a quarral took place between the manager of our dorm and me. Yes, I must confess that I should take the responsibility but his words later really irritating. However, I calmed down and kept my words of my life. This is not over while he sponsor a meeting at 23:00 this evening, obviously, "discussing" my problem…

Well, cloudes, my belief, is to relieve myself. I wanna investigate into the issue of cloudes and get the profundity of cloudes. Then I can really know what is cloudes.

So, let me settle down doing this…

At last, I do apologize to the manager of our dorm.


Today is the first weekend I feel free for these weeks. I mean I free myself today, and I find something unusual.

Before going over principle of computer organization, I went to the hospital to see my dormmate and a girl in my class, who is also a Sichuan girl. They also caught a cold and got a bad fever. Bless!

After lunch, I accompanied my boss to buy a suit of Western-style clothes. This doesn’t matter but the valuable thing is that we had a nice walk in nice weather. Looking at the cloudes…

Back early, I logged on the internet and busy preparing for JiFeng Acme. But I think I was at grass on the internet, talking, browsing… Free makes me free and idle.

This situation continued in the evening and I almost did nothing, idly.

So I believe it’s better for me to be busy…

However, I find my belief — looking at the cloudes in the sky leisurefully. A girl told me that I am the cloudes, and I believe it’s the best praise to me.

Cloudes, rove around, idle and leisureful. Drived by wind is its strongest weakness but its best strongpoint is that it can be settled down anywhere and anytime.

I am the cloudes in the sky!

It’s my belief… Looking at the cloudes in the sky leisurely


HIT blog show is being…


And I, a HIT C.S.er, who own a small blog, want to show my place as well as other friends.

As u can see, many articles on my blog in English because I wanna practise English here and I am always doing this. Those Chinese articles are all cited from other places. I am not a citer, so there are only few articles in Chinese on my blog. I like to share my feelings with my friends and everybody who comes to my blog. My favorite articles are my serials Feel "QEIA" and I hope you can enjoy them.

Beyond Technology, the name of my blog, indicates that I wanna be beyond technology, I have few articles about tech though.

However, what I have to make sure is that I am on the way,



I found this link from the msn space of wywcgs. Though I have myself tested before, it was in Chinese mode. And u can see, this time, it’s in English mode. Here’s my result.

You scored as Linguistics.

You should be a Linguistics major!

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Unbelievable! I can’t believe that I should major in Linguistics! Maybe u don’t know that my oral expression, in somewhat extent, make others confused. However, I have to admint that I have interested in linguistics. Maybe I have a unclear concept of linguistics, but I think I like to deduce sth from others words. Yes, I like doing this, to conclude what others are thinking…

As for the second major it shows, I 80% agree. Yes, I like English!

Hehe, u may have a try!


发信站: BBS 哈工大紫丁香站 (Mon Apr 10 11:48:36 2006)


  牡羊 : 04/19 — 05/13 
  金牛 : 05/14 — 06/22 
  双子 : 06/23 — 07/21 
  巨蟹 : 07/22 — 08/10 
  狮子 : 08/11 — 09/16 
  处女 : 09/17 — 10/31 
  天秤 : 11/01 — 11/23 
  天蝎 : 11/24 — 11/29 
  蛇夫 : 11/30 — 12/17 
  射手 : 12/18 — 01/19 
  魔羯 : 01/20 — 02/17 
  宝瓶 : 02/18 — 03/12 
  双鱼 : 03/13 — 04/18 




Busy, exactly very busy for these days, makes me get something in mind now. I suddenly find I have no time to think of other things except work, homework and program. That’s good, because I have a bad habit that I like to think of many things which are going to do but not urgent to do. These things always make me neverous and eventually I have nothing to do after think of these useless things.

 I don’t why? I like to arrange things perfectly according to my schedule and I dislike things which disorder my plan. So I waste much time to perfect my schedule. However, this is not whorth to do. As u know, human plans, God does. So many things I arranged go in another way, even the contrary way. Well, thanks to these busy days, I found needless to think of these useless things. Franklin said," don’t worry about those unavoidable." That’s correct and does much benefit to me!

Maybe I will busy off after these days, I think I can stick to what I am doing now. Above all, a good plan is necessary with reasonable time cost.

We have no time to lost!