5 problems accepted made our team rank 4.
We are lucky dogs.
In the first hour, we was puzzled at Problem C and the depressing Problem G. On the moment we raised our heads, we found many balloons were around. That is to say, we were far behind other teams. However, after Problem D rejudged, we got one balloon suddenly in pleasantly surprised. In succession, I accepted Problem J quickly which much comforted us and we settled down another problems. Finally, in the third hour, Flyer worked out the simplest Problem C which made us so happy that I accepted Problem A eight minutes later as a reply. As four problems accpeted, we had much confidence in solving Problem G which puzzled us for long. God bless! One hour after, we made it! Without rest, we started Problem E and H. To our sadness, we couldn’t make them out.
The top three all sumbitted 6 problems. So we rank 4 and got the third prize. I picked the balloon we got home, inserted by the side of my bed. Besides, we got certificate. However, the prize had not handed out. As someone said, it was rich. Keke.
In this contest, I found I harvested much, expecially valuable experience. However, I paid less. I only accepted two simple problem and helped my teammates little. To my happiness, the two comforted us much. What I got is that I should learn more algorithm to cater to the prize.
God bless! Cloudes bless!
Thank you, Flyer & Chuter, my dear teammates!


I was informed of the message that I would act a program with other two teachers and one student in the party of the anniversary of the founding of our institute.
Firstly, I am very happy to do this thing with our honorific Sunner.
Secondly, I am so surprised at this message because I have never acted a program in HIT. How did the decider choose me, a layman in act? As somebody said, the decider were  those ranks high in Students’ Union. How do they know me?
Eventually, I grasped the reason that I performed well on the way to Xiaohong. It was a Party Day for us to learn "Eight Honor & Eight Shame". In the bus, I try my best to tickle everybody to rest us on the tedious way. I took no attention to this performance but somebody noticed me.
What does this tell me?
Everything creates a chance, no matter what it is. Big or small, significative or nonsense. Many trivialness which you take no attention create chances for you. What’s more, some chance is crucial of your whole life. So, don’t make light of everything you meet, especially those you take it nonsense or of little meaning. You can’t deduce which one will make difference to you. As a result, try to find what you can get from the thing you encouter with and do it in the aspect. Maybe, you won’t get what you want in that event, but as you tried, God won’t betray you.


With more and more items listed in , I became interested in freeware. What’s more, I become interested in Linux, espeacilly after reading Wang Yin’s areticle ‘Work in Linux completely‘ , so I decide to try Linux.
With the help of firenet, Ubuntu 5.10 is installed on the computer. I separated 3.5G from Disk F to try this version of Linux.
As I had seen the interface of Redhat before, I am not very unfamiliar with the interface of Ubuntu. It’s similar to Window, and they call it Xwindow, am I right? The greatest difference is the task toolbar appears at the top. This costs me much time to adapt to. And, of course, the really difference in Linux compared to Windows is I should type complex commands in the terminal to do what is very easy to do in Windows. However, I am not the one who install Linux just for having a try or even having a look. Instead, I want to learn something technical. Now, as a rookie, I feel much uncomfortable with that mode because I know nothing about its kernel and basic command. The most frustrating thing happened yesterday is that when I finished my long blog and tried to record it on my disk, I found I had no permission to do write operation to those disks in Windows. What’s worse, when I tried to input command to change my permission to do write operation, I made a small mistake which change the web page. As you can see, my blog was not saved automatically, that is to say, it was gone.
Well, well, well, I know I must pay ‘fee’ to learn Linux… Hehe
I believe I can one day get rid of Windows, working in Linux completely when I get familiar with Linux…
Yes, I can.



Click the link above, you can see the first project I take part in. Though I am not a menber of any lab and I have little skill in that region, I answered boss’s invitation. The main task for me is to maintian the web. Besides, boss told me to bear responsibility for our google group.

It is my first time to take part in a project and I have little experience. However, the whole afternoon spent in the initial maintenance is worthy. I find it very interesting when I sit alone by the computer writing codes which are unfamiliar with me on the Wiki. Sometimes, I made a rookie mistake and didn’t know how to do; sometimes, I "created" codes after several trials; sometimes, I find changes in that web because of my work…

Suddenly, I found my contribution(maintenance) became more and more; suddenly, I found I became familiar with those codes which were much stranger to me several hours ago…

I am now starting learning some basic knowledge of html to improve my edit and I find I really bring myself into that project.

What’s better, I invited another person to join us… Keke, I, a rookie, who just take the task invite another person who is much more skillful to join our project. Maybe, this is exactly our style — open & free!

Welcome to FOSS For Windows!



This is the first time I became an elder to give others advice…

After two hours train, after we playing such a funny game on the train, we arrived at Anjia which is a small town in Wuchang at 10:10 this morning. To my, exactly our, surprise, the teacher with so many girls was waiting for us at the railway station. Their welcome is in our imagination while there were so many girls in their class waiting for us. I almost took the impression that there’s few boys in their class, however, this impression was broken when we got to their school.

The campus is not beautiful, to some extent, we can call it broken. And the surprising thing is that there is no toilets in the teaching building, so we had to walk across the playground to release ourself. The classroom where this activity took place is beautiful. Obviously, it’s designed before and that really impressed it a lot. They planted beautiful flowers in the front of the classroom and this made us free a lot. After the prologue and the ceremony of book donation, we settle down communication in mind.

Surely, they want to get much info from us and we did this indeed, frankly and straightly. Of course, we got much from them, especially info about students in the country. We came for communication, and we showed them our some experience. I told them that their full comprehension of our words was not necessary and impossible. we came just because we needed them to think what was their place is. If they could catch one sentence or two from what we said, that’s enough.

Well, I always find something surprising:

1.there is another Liuyang which pronounces the same as my name in this class.

2.I find my standard Chinese improved, although I had to say my words twice at the beginning to make them understand. Well, they adapted to it a moment later.

3.Thay are so passional that we have extra one hour and half time after dinner to communicate with them.

4.We are good friends as we wished before this visit. We took photos together and they looked after our leave.

5.My teammates are all girls — the happiest thing for me


Although there are 3 days to free, I have to say my holiday is gone.

Below is the list of my holidays

4.28 Sitting by the computer playing games stay up for the whole night even if the enviroment is not good(Lack of electricity, boss and I stole it in the kitchen corner).

4.29 Sitting by the computer playng games in the afternoon and night because I have to have a rest in the morning.

4.30 Sitting by the computer taking ACM programming Contest for the whole afternoon. Due to that we mustn’t turn on computer from 18:00 to 21:00 in the dorm, I went to another dorm to turn on my computer playing games. After 21:00, going back and stay up continuing playing games.

5.1 After a rest for the whole morning, we 4 went to the NorthRiver campus of Harbin Normal University for good sceneries and beauties. Also, staying up for playing games is continuing…

5.2 Obviously, I took a rest for the whole morning. In the afternoon, we three walked from the first campus to the second. Just a action to memorize and get new. Yes, staying up for playing games is continuing…

5.3 A rest is necessary for the morning, and I settle down finishing some homework, such as Principle of Computer Organization, Physics Experiment… What’s more, I stay up for finishing one experiment of Data Structure and Algorithm.

End of my holiday…

Some movies, PES5 for International League, Bnb for one grading and the most impressing walk which implied me more meaning of cloude…

Cool! Free…

Well, everything is going, and we have another activity, a meaningful activity, tomorrow. We are looking forward it and I hope it’s a good start!