4:2, I’ve never watched such a wonderful opening fixture in FIFA World Cup. 6 wondreful goals and a shining Lahn made yesterday’s long waiting time worthy.
This is the first time I use laptop computer to watch World Cup. Due to the short battery durable time, we use two laptops to take turns working. The frustrating thing is to wait before it’s connected with PPlive, however, we find a suitable channel and finish our first travel of 2006 Germany World Cup smoothly.
The result of the first match is not surprising, but 6 goals are fantastic which made me crying out. As a result, one classmate in the next dorm came to warn us of being quiet. To my surprise, Ecuador defeated Poland with a clear 2:0. Poland only lost one game in the qualifying round I never thought that they would lose their first match, eventhough Ecuador is the first African team acquiring the qualification to the final round.
Well, England will encounter Paraguay this night and I am looking forward to Beckham’s brilliant show and Owen’s great goal.


  1. ^^…我都没看….因为看不懂足球…呵呵~


  2. 呵呵,还行啦