Incautiously, I delete some Windows system files which made me not
enter the operating system. Well, what can I do? Reinstall it!!!

After a frustrating afternoon, a new system was installed and
some habitual setting was recovered. However, the Linux system was
gone! Where is it? One of my roommate who has installed Redhat has
encountered the same problem. Lack of Linux basic knowledge, I have to
turn to Firenet for help. To my disapponitment, he said he had not
succeeded in this operating yet. As expected, he failed. What’s worse,
when he did operation to disk partition, some wrong happened. As a
result, I can’t enter my Windows, neither. Time limited, Firenet had to
leave for his experiment, only to leave me alone.

What was I going to do? With the tool he left, I asked xlBCC for
help and fortunately he succeeded in making the enterance to Windows.
And the left work is remained for myself.

I opened Firefox, googled the relative item, and wrote down the steps.

Insert the Ubuntu install CD and reboot…

In rescue mode, I find the partition where I install Ubuntu.

#grub-install /dev/hda

Eject the CD and reboot…

Blissful! The familiar interface is back.

Believe myself!

I can do it!