Bora Milutinovic, the romantic coach who led our Chinese soccer team to the 2002 World Cup, had said that the attitude decides everything. Formerly, I cited this wisdom to my study or something needs diligence. However, now, I know it is also useful in dealing with my emotional affairs.

I always thought about her thinking, her decision and her respondece especially when something went wrong between her and me. I was so selfish that I took it for granted that it was her juvenility made these messed. However, now, I have a clear understanding that those were all my fault. I am the one who should decide the all and my attitude is the key factor.

Well, all I have to say is to congratulations to myself that it is not too late! Yes, my confession changed all and bring her back to me. Well, the more important is that I corrected my attitude and I am on the right way.

What does this tell me?

Things are decided by my attitude instead of others’. No one master my life unless I give in. Well, I am not the one who give in to others and I will hold my destiny firmly in my hand.

Baby, we are on the right way…


  1. 长大了你