Initially, I wanna write sth for the month just past, while I don’t which title is proper. However, my boss BTLiu’s blog inspired me that this one may be rightly suit.

At the beginning, there’s one single HCPC  which I think I can handle it smoothly. Unfortunately, things often go wrong. An assignment handed out that I have to design an activity about Google Camp. That’s a hard work. With work in IR Lab, CCP, I sold my body and time to work. Several nights stayed up and almost 24 hours struggling… I don’t know how I get over this.

They say, one man is a man because he struggles, fights, and bears everything, whatever, in his own mind. I wanna be a real man. The pressure these days were not over me, instead, around me, holding me, pressing me to asphyxia.

Worst of all, that activity failed in the deadly part we worried most. Though we try our best to make up for it, the God made it worse that it rained outside. I don’t know whether it is good or not. Maybe he didn’t want more people to see the embarrassing situation. Well, in this aspect, I should thank you, my God.

As the chief designer, I must confess it is my fault that ruins our painstaking effort for one month. I do apologize to everybody who work for it and who help us. I really want to say, sorry, my boss, BTLiu.

Thank you, everybody.

Thank BTLiu, my boss, the one helped me all the way.

Thank C.C.Swallow, without you, I am afraid I can’t hold my position in this month. Your encouragement is the power I can depend on.

Thank you, everybody!


編曲:小澤正澄(TV version)
歌:三枝夕夏 IN db
どんな季節(とき)も かけがえのない 愛心事<無論什么季節 沒有任何可以替代的愛的心事>
どんな季節(とき)も つながってる 未來に<無論什么季節 都連接著未來>
特別な思い出より 何気ないしぐさに惹かれてる<比起特別的回憶 卻因你不經意的動作而生氣>
気持ちは形に出來ないし ねぇねぇ.<心意也不能表達出來 喂喂>
今日の答えが明日は違うとしても 二人は変わらずに<即使今天的回答到了明天改變了 我們依舊一如既往>
一瞬も 永遠も ずっと見つめていたい<無論是瞬間還是永遠 想永遠注視著你>
愛していたい 夢見ていたい 信じていたい……<想愛你 想夢到你 想相信你……>
やわらかな 云に乗って<乘著柔軟的云朵>
今日は 君をずっと感じてる<今天 一直能感受到你>
流れ出す 甘い云に乗って<乘著飄來的甜蜜的云朵>
嗚呼 懷かしいのよ<啊啊 卻讓人懷念啊>
そっと 揺れてる<輕輕地搖擺>
どんな季節(とき)も かけがえのない 愛心事<無論什么季節 沒有任何可以替代的愛的心事>
どんな季節(とき)も つながってる 未來に<無論什么季節 都連接著未來>
抱きしめてくれる溫もりは 遠い空の下<你抱緊我的溫度 在遙遠的天空之下>
今 ここは一人ビルの下<現在 這里是孤獨一人的高樓下>
約束交わした あの日のKiss<約定了的那天的kiss>
二人感じた 信じる愛<兩個人感受到 相信愛>
ここから全部 無くしたい ねぇねぇ<在這里全部消滅掉>
いつもより 長めの電話はうれしいけど<雖然比起平時 長通的電話更加令我開心 但是真的即使>
本當は毎日一分でもいいから 君に會いたいし<一分鐘也好 讓我每天見到你>
本當は毎日一言でもいいから 聲を聞きたい<一句話也好 讓我每天聽到你的聲音>
笑いたい そばにいたい 胸が痛い<想微笑 想在你身邊 心痛>
黃昏の君 云に乗って<在黃昏中的你乘著云朵>
胸の奧 君が押し寄せる<你在我內心深處總是被你占據>
気紛れな厚い 云に乗って<心血來潮乘著厚厚的云朵>
儚い影の迷い ゆら~ゆら揺れては<虛無的幻影的幻覺 搖搖晃晃著>
一番 大切なもの<為了不迷失掉>


I am the cloude.

This is my personal faith. As it means, I pursue freedom and leisure though I know it is not the right time to be free. However, I am a little tired. Exactly, I am somewhat losing my direction.

CSS suggested me just trying my best in doing my affair, in spite of the results, but I am afraid she had not get my point. The problem is not the result, but my passion in everything I choose to do. I live under a deep impression that I must go to great lengths to work on those I get down to while I can make short shrift of those I take out of my mind.

Yes, she is right. I am a responsible boy, who is trying to be a responsible man. When others were avoiding of sth, I stand out  to be in charge. I must keep my promises and work hard on those affairs chosen by myself and I do not want to see any depression of all my organizations. Maybe it is the point. To be exact, I can’t differentiate which is important and which is unecessary. CCP, IR, GC, etc. All are important, so are my preparation for TOEFL & postgraduate test.

I am a lazy man. I wonder how I become so busy… I asked xlBCC whether I am a busy guy and his response is in and out of my imagination. "You are always finishing your work quickly and now we can’t find you in normal days. Just imagine how busy you are?" Keke, the only imagination in my mind is that I have thought I am the cloude.

Am I the cloude? Can anybody tell me which is the important? CSS, can you? xlBCC? Well, maybe I, Frank, is the only person who can answer my own question.


La primera vez que te vi, te miré como la estrella de cine más hermosa, que tengo gusto de la mayoría. Pero en aquel momento, estoy con ella y puedes estar con él.

La noche cuando el rasgón se arrastra abajo de tu mejilla, te tengo en mi mente como también me abandonaron apenas un día antes. Hago nevr pensar que la pregunta yo te preguntó se convierte el hilo de rosca cuál los lazos tú y yo, pero ahora, yo tienen que ver, realmente te falto tanto y pienso que soy amor descendente con ti.

Sin embargo, todo que hablas se parece tener correlación fuerte con ti, en vez de mí. se parece que nunca cuidas sobre mi asunto. Bien, el tiempo considerará todo. No deseo incurrir en la misma equivocación, te hago tan. Tomaré mis épocas…

¿Cuándo tú comienzan a cuidar sobre mí? ¿Y cuándo puedo llamarte mi trago?