A short summer vacation is over, and next Monday is a new semester.

First of all, I appreciate a lot that my gf accompanied me through this summer instead of going back home. Although we don’t get together for a whole day, we have a good time when we are free of work. Fortunately, for her, I haven’t a bean for the first time, (well, thank xlBCC for lending me some money). I believe it is an honour. However, we quarrelled about my finacial problem which I think it doesn’t  worth. I have to confess, I have a tough feeling these days, ’cause I have sth fluctuated in my faith. I am somewhat tired which is the situation I won’t want to see. All I have to do is to confirm my faith and make our future bright. Absolutely, I need encouragement and confidence.

You may wonder what I have done in this summer, especially after I mentioned "work" this word above. Yes, I have worked for whole four weeks in an company, programming. The initial time is tough, yet, once I grasped the principle of the project, I had a fast process. This morning is the deadline of handing in that project and I’m sitting in the office, clearing my data and packing my bag, ready to leave. People here is so nice, and I do have a good time here. This is my first time working in a company and my first taste is so cool. Well, the salary has not reached which is the only thing I worry. Thank everybody here, especially my chief of team Mr. Tong, Thank you very much. Well, I have to thank Sunner who introduced me to this company and Mr. Zhang who accepted me.

Drawing it mild, next month will see my future. I am wondering about whether I can be recommended to graduate school. If so, I can have a lot time doing what I like and learn much more even if it is harder for me. Otherwise, I have to choose which way to go? It is troublesome.

Fine, waiting and fighting… Bless all. Hope everybody has a good result this semester.