Concentrative training is over and my life backs to normal.


Courses for graduate seem much more difficult and I have to review them after classes. Though I know it does not work well for the final examination, I can take heart from my life of study. You may know that I like teaching in English, yet, frankly speaking, I am sort of disliking the original books which are written in English. Yes, I know, they are the best ones and I may encounter some troubles if only reading Chinese version. Well, I think I have to be used to it. However, it is strange that I like reading papers which are written in English, because I know it is the directest way to get the advanced techniques. Sigh~ I may transplant this good habit to my book reading.


Though concentrative training came to end, we have another tough task. Fortunately, I belong to "the rest", as a result, what I am going to do is to watch "the square" training. Without tired movement, I take it for granted that we, the rest, should be arranged to other useful plans instead of this time-consuming work.


Hard courses lead to one result, that is, we, the new comer, don’t need to consider the work of lab. Thanks to passing PETS5 ahead, I do not have to have English lessions and this makes my spare time a little more sufficient. On my demand, boss  released my first task, a translation of paper of 93 pages. As a rookie of this research area, I believe this would take me a long time to absorb. Well, it is just a start, like the one two years ago. As I can achieve a good result in MDS when I was an undergraduate, I am 100% behind myself that a bright future is waiting for me.

To be good!