Immediately I logged on the Xiaonei, I received so much bless from many friends which made me so happy that I decided to record my feeling today.

You can’t imagine that I started work at 6:30 in the morining because I was on duty, that is, I would not do anything except watch the west gate, greeting senior officer, answering the phone and making some notes. It was quite a relief as I could read books for reviewing. Everything went well until I called for a short order, yet receiving nothing even after one hour.

2 o’clock p.m. saw my duty handing over to my roommate. Later, I attended a lecture which told us how to apply for studying overseas. My direct thought was to study hard and prepared.

Luck backed to me in the evening especially having lessions. After that, 312 drove outside to dine together for my birthday. The scene which I dreamed before I came here came true. We four ate grilled food with a bottle of beer, talking and laughing. This totally impressed me a lot, and confirmed my confidence to stay.

Back to dorm with birthday cake, we celebrated my birthday with lighting the candles and singing the birthday song. And to thank senior fellow apprentices in 120, we did not forget sending them slices of cake.

Thank you very much for your bless, my friends.

Thank you very much for your care, my bros in 312.