I don’t know whether this title is suitable or not.

My new year holiday is one day left and my next return is at least six months later. Since my Internet was cut off and it seems not taking a turn for better. That means you may not see me on the internet untill several months later, so I have to say something before leaving.

I had a really good holiday this time, not only because I had a total drunk on the get-together of classmates of senior high school. I have to confess that make me insensible for one whole day and I would not like to have a taste of wine. However, there’s a long way of practising drinking to go.

2008 is gone, and 2009 is a new start. Usually, as many of you, I have some new year’s wishes. Yet, sometimes, I am thinking of one question, that is, where are we after the earth is destroyed, like by the explosion of the universe or something else? Once I have this question in my mind, I feel so terrible and helpless. Definitely, I think there’s no one can help me figure out this problem. From another perspective, why do we need that much money? The phenomenon that many people bought good cars after the earthquake may explain more clearly what I want to tell. It is a confusing topic.

What I am going to do is to take a train, check the scores, choose the courses and study even harder. I am wondering if my boss would assign some work to me or not.

2009 is my year, that is, my year of birth considered in relation to the Twelve Terrestrial Branches. I wish a good luck. when 24-year-old, David Beckham and his teammates helped Manchester United become a "Triple Crown", and I hope I can do something just like my idol.

What’s more, I’d like to develop a better relationship with her because she is so nice that I am under the impression that she is right for me. I am kind of knowing what the surprise she wants to give me, yet, I am not going to expose it. So, expecting…