Hi, everybody, long time no see in blog. The last  blog was written more than one year ago, and I found myself reluctant to write a blog, not to mention in English. Recently, I finished one piece of paper in English and found it hard to use this language. As I am free now, I’d like to summarize the past year, which plays the most important role in my whole life.

The reason why the past year is so important for me is that it determines my future. After serveral business trips which are the only things I’ve done during my master, I succeeded in graduating from NUDT. Unfortunately, I failed in the ph.D record examination and had to worry about the problem of the job. Those days were really tough for me and my family and I might lose many brain cells in that time. And finally, with everybody’s help, I was assigned to a nice place where is near to my hometown and very comfortable for work. Someone said it was totally lucky for me to get this job and I would rather say it is all your contribution. I am a grateful man and I would own my indebeted to you for life.

Please do not laugh at my complacency. This place is very nice for work and I am totally satisfied. First of all, this city is close to my hometown. Once I finish my study in driving school, I could drive home in 2.5 hours. The interurban bus is convenient and I also can take a train in the interest of money. The high-speed railway is due in the next year and that’s the fastest way to go home, and I also hope it is the cheapest way. Secondly, I have to admit that living among this quiet hill is very comfortable. The carteen and shop are close and the office is just 10 min on foot. What’s more, this place is not far from the center of the city. At most of 30 min by bus, I can get everything I want to buy. People here are very nice to me and I have full passion in my work. The most exciting thing for me is that I can play soccer every week. Two times in smaller field are regular and one in normal now and again. Like today, I got the first blood in this match to some company and our team beat them badly.

The only thing I need to worry is common to everybody, the house. Well, this involves the marriage problem which bothers me a lot recently. I have been arranged several blind dates recenetly and frankly speaking, I am a little tired of this form to find one to love. Little by little, I develop some basic rule for the one I approve. She should have a steady work in this city or she is going to work in this city. I do not want to see a live seperation after we are married. A good looking is not important but at least I am supposed to have the courage to take her out. Last but not least, filial piety! I am under the mind that those rules are not censorious, are they? I find it hard to love someone when we are older, and I wonder when I can find the one. My family and friends think that I am not old enough to worry this problem, but, as belonging to Libra, I am not the one to bear the loneliness. Since the lover is hard to get, the friend can not miss in my life. Yet, you know how hard to find a friend as you get older, especially at work.

The past year gave me the greatest oppotunity to fulfil my furture and how I can disappoint you, the ones I love. The comming year will determines the direction of my work and future, and I don’t wanna mess it.

Target: work, lover and car.

Please do not forget me, my friends. Give me a call when you miss me~


Yesterday was my 24th birthday, and it really brings me luck and happiness.

When I searched my last delivered blog by accident, I got a definitely happy accident. The blog named "My hard way to install Xen" which is delivered in Sept. 8th. was reprint in here: http://www.diybl.com/course/6_system/linux/Linuxjs/20090925/177098.html by diybl.com. I contacted them and expressed my honor. This is my first time that my blog is reprint as a technical paper which means it receives someone’s accept. i worte the following in my first blog: "As a new comer, adding that I have little knowledge of IT, I can’t accomplish a paper in IT. BUT I believe I can do it soon. My only TASK is to study and study, to have some technical articles come out." Finally, I made it!

P.S. I will get two suns on my QQ in two hours.

Haha, happy!

I should make more efforts!


I don’t know whether this title is suitable or not.

My new year holiday is one day left and my next return is at least six months later. Since my Internet was cut off and it seems not taking a turn for better. That means you may not see me on the internet untill several months later, so I have to say something before leaving.

I had a really good holiday this time, not only because I had a total drunk on the get-together of classmates of senior high school. I have to confess that make me insensible for one whole day and I would not like to have a taste of wine. However, there’s a long way of practising drinking to go.

2008 is gone, and 2009 is a new start. Usually, as many of you, I have some new year’s wishes. Yet, sometimes, I am thinking of one question, that is, where are we after the earth is destroyed, like by the explosion of the universe or something else? Once I have this question in my mind, I feel so terrible and helpless. Definitely, I think there’s no one can help me figure out this problem. From another perspective, why do we need that much money? The phenomenon that many people bought good cars after the earthquake may explain more clearly what I want to tell. It is a confusing topic.

What I am going to do is to take a train, check the scores, choose the courses and study even harder. I am wondering if my boss would assign some work to me or not.

2009 is my year, that is, my year of birth considered in relation to the Twelve Terrestrial Branches. I wish a good luck. when 24-year-old, David Beckham and his teammates helped Manchester United become a "Triple Crown", and I hope I can do something just like my idol.

What’s more, I’d like to develop a better relationship with her because she is so nice that I am under the impression that she is right for me. I am kind of knowing what the surprise she wants to give me, yet, I am not going to expose it. So, expecting…


I am not able to describe the feeling with her, but it is nice.

She has a good character, and she is good-tempered & beautiful. Now, I am sure about her feeling of me and this makes me happy.

The most important is that though it is just three weeks since we first met each other, I have the feeling that she has known me a lot.

I’d like to develop this good relationship and I hope this would last long, to eternal.


To good good study.


Immediately I logged on the Xiaonei, I received so much bless from many friends which made me so happy that I decided to record my feeling today.

You can’t imagine that I started work at 6:30 in the morining because I was on duty, that is, I would not do anything except watch the west gate, greeting senior officer, answering the phone and making some notes. It was quite a relief as I could read books for reviewing. Everything went well until I called for a short order, yet receiving nothing even after one hour.

2 o’clock p.m. saw my duty handing over to my roommate. Later, I attended a lecture which told us how to apply for studying overseas. My direct thought was to study hard and prepared.

Luck backed to me in the evening especially having lessions. After that, 312 drove outside to dine together for my birthday. The scene which I dreamed before I came here came true. We four ate grilled food with a bottle of beer, talking and laughing. This totally impressed me a lot, and confirmed my confidence to stay.

Back to dorm with birthday cake, we celebrated my birthday with lighting the candles and singing the birthday song. And to thank senior fellow apprentices in 120, we did not forget sending them slices of cake.

Thank you very much for your bless, my friends.

Thank you very much for your care, my bros in 312.


Concentrative training is over and my life backs to normal.


Courses for graduate seem much more difficult and I have to review them after classes. Though I know it does not work well for the final examination, I can take heart from my life of study. You may know that I like teaching in English, yet, frankly speaking, I am sort of disliking the original books which are written in English. Yes, I know, they are the best ones and I may encounter some troubles if only reading Chinese version. Well, I think I have to be used to it. However, it is strange that I like reading papers which are written in English, because I know it is the directest way to get the advanced techniques. Sigh~ I may transplant this good habit to my book reading.


Though concentrative training came to end, we have another tough task. Fortunately, I belong to "the rest", as a result, what I am going to do is to watch "the square" training. Without tired movement, I take it for granted that we, the rest, should be arranged to other useful plans instead of this time-consuming work.


Hard courses lead to one result, that is, we, the new comer, don’t need to consider the work of lab. Thanks to passing PETS5 ahead, I do not have to have English lessions and this makes my spare time a little more sufficient. On my demand, boss  released my first task, a translation of paper of 93 pages. As a rookie of this research area, I believe this would take me a long time to absorb. Well, it is just a start, like the one two years ago. As I can achieve a good result in MDS when I was an undergraduate, I am 100% behind myself that a bright future is waiting for me.

To be good!


1-3, completely fail.

With great defeat of Italy and France in the group match, Holland was regarded as the champion of Europe. However, though as a fan of them, I know, they will not have a long way to go which is the worst thing I wanna see. Well, I have to say, Russia deserved to win.

This quter-final match ended at 5 o’clock in the morning, but I did not wanna sleep. With 3 more hours writing, I finished the first vision of my graduation dissertation. I know, it is to be modified, however, I have accomplished most of work. There is a translation of reference left and I believe I am able to manage it soon.

Notified that letter of admission to NUDT is sended and I will receive it soon. Nice!

Cherish the last days of my undergraduate life


Date: 2008.05.19

Location: By the Songhua River

Event: Pray for the death in Sichuan 2008.05.12



First of all, I would like to say something about this holiday. Well, in fact, one word to describe days with her is wonderful, and that’s enough. Cards, movie, badminton and so on… And I also cherish the days with my roommates.

Secondly, I wanna say I am blocked in graduate design. Scores of Group A and B are increasing, which is in our expectation while the one of Group C drops a lot, which is what we do not wanna see. However, the whole score increases, which means I have finished most of my work. I dare say, if I am a lazy man, I will finish it and make a good graduation. The next step is to find why score of Group C drops. We have thought of some new ideas, but we have not planned to try them so far. There are two reasons: one is that we have no clear impression about how good these new ideas work; the other one is we want to solve the C-drop problem on the basis of this solid framework we have tested. Well, I believe we can have a good solution of this problem, hoping a excellent graduate design.

Thirdly, make a wish! Several days later will see its result. Bless~

Last but not least, I decide to abandon my blog in hitidea. Obviously, lacking of visitors are not worthy of my work to update.


It was the December of last year that I wrote my last blog. Today, I decide to pick it up for two reasons.

One is I will take part in PETS5 this June, so I have to practise my awkward English. 

The other is something much more important.

As all we know, Olympic torch passing encountered something we don’t want to see while in fact we could forecast it. However, frankly speaking, I had never thought of such a mess. Looking at the pictures taken by students abroad, seeing the program made by French TV and listening to the angry words, a friendly France, a friendly Britain and a friendly Europe vanishes.

Early in my 7-year old or even eariler, I was so docile to study hard to catch my dream that one day I can fly overseas. Opportunities were missed and missed again, and finally I am out. To be frank, voices that homeland is the best place in the coming centuries once impacted me a lot before my failure in GRE which is the end of my dream. I am always thinking about why I should go abroad while people from all over the world come in the opposite way.

Today, I wrote the following words in my QQ signature: Longing for Europe in my boyhood collapses and what is going on tomorrow in LA?

Someone may ask that this is just a piece of things, why not abandon your dream? I have to say that my dream just changes a little. I am no longer for living abroad, instead, my little dream is to see around the world, maybe for one year or half. We have to confess international leading CS is not belonging to China now, so, to get the best education, I may leave for a while. However, it is just my dream.

Beg your pardon in reading such a messy article for disorder in my mind. There’s another thing I wanna say. Criticism to China reflects their dread for our rapidly increasing power, not only in economics, but also in every part of a giant country. So, let the storm to a more ferocious! Resistance is always prepared for the one who is advancing. Condemn is never for the weak.

Wish wonderful Olympic Games in Beijing!