Bora Milutinovic, the romantic coach who led our Chinese soccer team to the 2002 World Cup, had said that the attitude decides everything. Formerly, I cited this wisdom to my study or something needs diligence. However, now, I know it is also useful in dealing with my emotional affairs.

I always thought about her thinking, her decision and her respondece especially when something went wrong between her and me. I was so selfish that I took it for granted that it was her juvenility made these messed. However, now, I have a clear understanding that those were all my fault. I am the one who should decide the all and my attitude is the key factor.

Well, all I have to say is to congratulations to myself that it is not too late! Yes, my confession changed all and bring her back to me. Well, the more important is that I corrected my attitude and I am on the right way.

What does this tell me?

Things are decided by my attitude instead of others’. No one master my life unless I give in. Well, I am not the one who give in to others and I will hold my destiny firmly in my hand.

Baby, we are on the right way…


This Monday, I attended the new Jifeng Acme and experienced the wonderful feeling again. Luckily, I met with one of founders of this forum and we talked a lot about past and now of Jifeng. When it comed to the section of audience speaking, a debate which has never happened before took place between one audience and the speaker. Situation seemed hard to control, however, the compere succeeded in finishing it. In this debate, I found that the speaker wanted to explain some questions unnecessary to explain and his unwise – at least I think so – countermeasure didn’t help make his point, instead, acting in the opposite direction.

What does this tell me?

Never explain even if I am misunderstood except two situations below:
1. in situation that the court or the police ask me. Reason is obvious that I won’t want to get in jail innocently.
2. in situation my parents or she or my best friends misunderstand me. That is because I don’t make them worry about me.

Else are ignored because I don’t think I have to do such an explanation.


Have you ever played the small game  which only needs your control on a small plane with arrows of left, right, up and down to avoid being shot by numerous bullets. As time goes, the quantity of bullets will increase and them can speed up or change their direction direct towards ur plane, what’s worse, sometimes, they are right aiming at ur plane with their speed up. U can not be regarded as a man until ur plane keep itself unshot at least for twenty seconds.

I don’t know whether I can be regarded as an expert, but I am proud of my record of 50.657 seconds. Recently, I suddenly got the truth that there is always a gap for ur plane to escape no matter how dense the bullets are. Well, I have to admit that there is a bound of time after which u can not get out. It is same to the life. No matter how busy u are, there’s always a gap for u to control ur busy calender and make a good performance for everything u r to do.

What does this tell me?

Be patient when things crowd. U get to know precipitancy can not bring u the way to solve the jam, instead, take it easy. Settle down, and find the gap with ur patience, then the only thing u can do is to run!
They often call me an easygoing man, well, who cares…
Maybe, that is the fact, well, God knows…


Without a suitable shoe, I went to Shenge Sports to buy one. Admittedly, the shoes I wore today is somewhat unable to do their jobs and according to the theory — the shoes are the first judgement of a man — which may work, I have to confess that I didn’t look like a man who would afford an pair of expensive shoes and indeed, I am not. However, I think I have enough money to buy one pair in this sports goods mall.

The moment I entered this mall, I found that theory works. Salesmen in this mall firstly looked at my shoes and in my opinion, they had finished the judgement and determined not to serve me. In this mall with tens of shops displayed in three floors, only one salesman commendate their shoes to me. As a result, in the jealous expression of salesmen of other shops, she said "patronage again" to me after I selected one suitable shoes from her shop.

What does this tell me?

Never judge ur customer by their appearance no matter they are seemingly rich or poor. Yes, I am not somebody who can patron them a lot, yet no such treat should happen on one who is like me. Remember, customer is God… Furthermore, this conclusion applies to many situations and I have to absort the experience avoiding of making bad impressions on others.


I was informed of the message that I would act a program with other two teachers and one student in the party of the anniversary of the founding of our institute.
Firstly, I am very happy to do this thing with our honorific Sunner.
Secondly, I am so surprised at this message because I have never acted a program in HIT. How did the decider choose me, a layman in act? As somebody said, the decider were  those ranks high in Students’ Union. How do they know me?
Eventually, I grasped the reason that I performed well on the way to Xiaohong. It was a Party Day for us to learn "Eight Honor & Eight Shame". In the bus, I try my best to tickle everybody to rest us on the tedious way. I took no attention to this performance but somebody noticed me.
What does this tell me?
Everything creates a chance, no matter what it is. Big or small, significative or nonsense. Many trivialness which you take no attention create chances for you. What’s more, some chance is crucial of your whole life. So, don’t make light of everything you meet, especially those you take it nonsense or of little meaning. You can’t deduce which one will make difference to you. As a result, try to find what you can get from the thing you encouter with and do it in the aspect. Maybe, you won’t get what you want in that event, but as you tried, God won’t betray you.


This is the first article in my pamphlet.

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One programming contest is on show on May 20, and we three group into a team. However one of my teammate will leave because some people asked him to join their team on behalf of their lab. Surely, the excuse is reasonable but what makes me confused is that he didn’t tell me formally about his quit.

He, my teammate, is in my dorm and they discussed his quit in my dorm too. That is to say even if he doesn’t tell me about it, I know the whole process. But I take it considered that he should tell me about his quit. Originally, we three grouped into a team, in some extent, we made a deal. So, firstly, his quit is just to break his promise, and secondly, the worst is he didn’t inform of everyone in his team, formally.

Yes, his excuse is reasonable, but did he consider the other two? He take it for granted that I should have known his quit, so he even didn’t me a random message. Besides, as for the one in his lab who asked him to leave our team, I don’t think he did the right thing. Though your lab is lack of people to group into a team, you should not break others’ team. And the contest is coming, where can we find a suitable teammate instead?

What makes me angry is that his lab wants to find another smarter people to take his palce, considering it from our view. They said "Give him back to you". Well, well, well, what does this mean? What do you consider my teammate? A thing or a person?

Well, welcome back, my dear teammate. We need you!

I got below from this:

1.Never break others’ team shaped even if we are lack of teammate.

2.Inform everyone in your team formally when you take activities even if you know he has known it via other ways.

3.Never forsake your teammate even if there is someone smarter than him.

I open this classification to record my mental activities in this pamphlet. I think it necessary to write down what I am thinking every minutes, exactly those useful in sociality.

In this pamphlet, I will record what is I am thinking in social behaviors from those things I come into contact with and I will show you my comment according to those events.

I have a dream that one day, when this pamphlet grows to a certain extent, I like to print and publish it. Though many in it are my own opinions, I like to share this with you, my friends. Well, I will delevop it as my rule of my social activities, that is ‘behavior criterion’.