我在清华的Id是Ohhell,经常在Britain, Englishclub混,欢迎大家找我。


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Why not go to SMTH.org Englishclub for fun? Ha ha it’s a advert of cos.
But why not put down your bias and prejudice, go to experience the friendly
milieu there? Studying English for many beep years but still struggling to
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methods? So why not have a refreshment here, start your miserable English study
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board management(most experience derived from the recently hot British sitcom
The Office) and up-to-date infos! But, of prior importance is our club’s
spirit: dynamic, open, user-friendly and no bias! We have two guys from
Cambridge, one from Sheffield, moi! These guys are not snobbish people but
very friendly people! Furthermore, this club is dominated by former JNU
people, KGB and me, my id there is Ohhell! So trust me, join the club now
and pay no money for first 3 months!!!
A brief intro for bms.
*KGB: 大笨兔。Former MP of parliament of Little Britain, recently sacked
   by Political Correctness Party(PCP) leader George Ohhell for his speech

manager of the club, better known as board monster, aka bm!
****ricemuimui: a girl from canada, very nice, moderately cute! want to know
   her more, hoho.
****template: very cute girl! moderately nice! want to know her more too, hoho.
chief VIP of the club:
*****Ohhell: wake here! very nice persona! wants to help every person who
has language difficultyies! reply every post there, almost! and ridiculed by
malicious people for pouring water! if you have interest in joining in,
get to know Ohhell first!
So, dont hesitate, call now!




第二:  http://www.smth.edu.cn/bbscon.php?bid=436&id=4544

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I had a daytrip to those winelands in Eastern Cape in South Africa, beautiful  
landscapes, lots of grapes, great restaurants with spectacular views, plus my  
favorite red wines, alas, just like a paradise to me! South africa is a good w 
ine region, and the winelands in Eastern Cape are very good, one of the name I 
 remember is Stellenbosch.                                                     
Then I went wine tasting. Tested Chardonnay, Merlot, Rosé,Cabernet etc. As us 
ual I like Cabernet & Merlot most. I got a terrific booze there. Bo Selecta.



近况: 下载了很多G另类摇滚!









Not just the best album of 1999, The Soft Bulletin might be the best record of the entire decade. 

                                                                                                          –All Music  Guide

***The Flaming Lips***The Soft Bulletin专辑(Jun 22, 1999 released)

Flaming Lips的好,在于其伟大,对旋律的掌握,风格的多变和不断的进步。其新专辑Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots甚至有一个主题,那就是懂得柔道的小女孩Yoshimi对付邪恶的粉红机器人的故事,在这,Flaming Lips完美的把电子乐和其特别的嗓音结合,制造了一张无论是包装或音乐都令人耳目一新的专辑。可以上其主页http://www.flaminglips.com感受一下,还有其主打歌曲的Flash的下载哦,甚可爱。

最初听The Soft Bulletin,我感觉到很难接受主唱的声音。

现在,我感觉这张是我最喜欢的专辑,直到现在,我每周还要听一遍…更幸运的是,在SheffieldCity Hall里我看了他们的Live Concert(他们十年前来过Sheffield),我更加地被他们音乐的力量征服了:这种音乐充满了力量!


“Driving home the sky accelerates/And clouds all form a geometric shape/And it goes fast/You think of the past/Suddenly everything has changed…”

                                                                   –The Flaming Lips


  Love is on the inside….not the outside….

                                       —Japanese to English

***Red House Painters***

啊!Red House Painters,多么陈旧的东西!

多年前大一时我转折从高年级的传说中的K君那借到这盘转录的磁带,还不知道里面装着的音乐:   是潘多拉的盒子里面的东西? 在阴冷的宿舍里的上铺的同样冰冷的被窝里,我打开了盒子:   阴郁。怀旧。痛苦。忧郁。内省。Red House Painters毫不保留的把自己的痛苦倾泄到聆听者心中:他们是最自私的!   那时,对另类摇滚还不甚了解的Franz被彻的毒害了。这一切,当然要多谢K君。  


我最喜欢的莫过与毒害性最大的Medicine Bottle一首,还有Japanese To English一首。它们不断在脑中回转,直至把你的感觉洗去,剩下悲哀又麻木的空白,让你感觉到主唱自己的痛苦。这是一种不健康的音乐!



  Show me a smile and I will promise not to leave you.  

                                –Japanese to English                                                 


You were one, one of the three
One in three must find some peace
You were one, one of the three
I need proof before belief

*****James的Laid专辑(Oct 5, 1993 release)

开的没有漂亮的fancy car, 身上没有Armani,甚至也没有喷CK香水,感觉十分轻快,是到了自由的国度,唱着轻快的James歌谣, 繁如摇篮曲,轻轻的安慰你,但是又把你的伤痕柔柔的一遍又一边的抚摸;你感到自恋,你在轻快的节奏里感觉Free as a bird,但是你同时又是被你心里的锁链深深锁住,你感觉对她很需要,你感觉很想她,你想她的时候心里有化学分泌出来了,甜里出来的更多是酸;但是你又被这种爱情的自我陶醉所迷,你沉溺。听完了,你心里有淡淡的忧伤,你彷佛就是James的主唱,噢!你是主唱,因为你在唱,这是你的心情;你不成熟,因为这是你的爱情,所以你才需要唱。

这代表着人生一个时期的过去:James, 你是我过去的回忆,对过去的回忆,和你歌中唱的感觉是共振的。虽然你的歌中唱着性,背叛与孤独,我知道,因为你告诉我了:

I’m so alone tonight
My bed feels larger than when i was small
Lost in memories, lost in all the sheets and all old pillows
So alone tonight, miss you more than i will let you know
Miss the outline of your back, miss you breathing down my neck
All out to get you, once again, they’re all out to get you, once again

这也是我,我的感觉。So, 我知道你对爱情的态度,是嘲笑,不以为然,但是你却沉溺其中了,因为你曾经碰到她。这也是我,我嘴中和心里所唱的歌。


在学校图书馆偶然看到这本论文集The Strengths of Shakespeare’s Shrew,因是关于我喜爱的Shakespeare的论文,就借了下来。却意外的发现作者Williams Empson(燕卜荪)以前是Shef Univ的文学教授,40年代还在北大教过几年英美文学的,曾经跟George OrwellBBC是同事,他是主持Chinese这个主题的。有趣。此书后面的关于在中国教书的Memoir有意思,发现自己喜欢看西人描写中国情况的文章。此处摘抄若干。

***‘I found that all my students held libreral or leftish view, very vague ones, and on the other hand were very afraid of letting them be kown, chiefly because it would prevent them from getting jobs….I remember in my first term we were reading Mrs Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf, and the leader of the class came and said’We think we had better not write an essay on Mrs Dalloway, because it might have political implications.’

***‘I was rather pleased one year in China when I had a course on modern poetry, The Waste Land and all that, and at the end a student wrote in a most friendly way to explain why he wasn’t taking the exam. It wasn’t that he couldn’t understand The Waste Land, he said, in fact after my lectures the poem was perfectly clear; but it had turned out to be disgusting nonsense, and he had decided to join the engineering department.’

***The Chinese are excessively keen on phonetics, because they have a great variety of dialects; such a great variety that they don’t feel any nationalist resistance when they start talking a foreign language, and this makes them good linguists; but also it has been a popular and friendly trick at a dinner party to say exactly what part of China a man comes from by his accent, judging by incredibly tiny details, even while he thinks he is talking standard Mandarin. This is not offensive in China, as it is liable to be in England, because there it is solely a matter of region and not of class.’

*** 这一段对本人比较有意义。‘the dragooning of independent thought and the hysteria of the confession meetings and all that…The Attendance at meetings with your colleagues, where they each in turn discussed their past and their state of mind, had to be enormously long, and you might call it a deliberately calculated nagging process…Of course, confessions about embezzlement are a different thing, and easy to believe, I think; the British in China have been saying for years that the Chinese regard ’squeeze’as a matter of course, so it can’t be surprising if the Chinese say they believe it themselves and want to have it stopped by a firm effort…I think the Chinese are natural actors anyway, very sensitive to social requirements.

其主要作品是Seven Types of Ambiguity.