When developing for Symbian OS you might have experienced numeric error codes or panics of some sort. Usually you would have to look up the description by manually searching the Symbian documentation, which can be cumbersome and time consuming.

This time is over! Now you will automatically get the panic description to any panic that occurred in the emulator displayed right within Carbide.c++. You simply have to add the PanicLookup plug-in to Carbide.c++ and it will automatically detect any panic that occurs. There are no compromises; you will see exactly the same description that is available in the Symbian OS 9.3 System Panic Reference.

You might ask what will happen if you experience a panic on one of your test devices or one of the standard Symbian OS error codes. No problem! Just enter the panic type and number or the error code into the plug-in’s text field and the description will be displayed. Even better, PanicLookup supports an auto complete feature, which considerably speeds up entering panic codes. Additionally, you can hit TAB once the right panic type is suggested to directly jump to the panic number to save even more time.


Extract the plug-in (fhhgb.carbide.paniclookup.1.0.0.jar) to your Carbide.c++’s plug-in directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Nokia\Carbide.c++\plugins). Launch Carbide.c++ and go to "Window -> Show View -> Other …". Choose "Panic Lookup" from the list and click OK. In order to take advantage of the automatic detection feature, you have to turn on epocwind.out logging (Emulator: "Tools -> Preferences -> C++ Debug -> Enable EPOCWIND.OUT logging").

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