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Setting up net-mgmt/cacti

by jackqq on 09月 2nd, 2011

Cacti is a network device monitor and graphing tool utilizing SNMP and RRDtool.

Procedures to set up:

  1. install ports: net-mgmt/cacti, net-mgmt/cacti-spine
  2. install fastcgi for apache: www/mod_fcgid
  3. follow instructions from ‘pkg_info -Dx cacti’
  4. configure apache22, see cheatsheet:apache php mod_fcgid
  5. enable mysql and apache22 in /etc/rc.conf
  6. mysql_enable=yes
  7. start services

Procedures to kick start:

  1. (Navigation Sidebar) Devices, Add. Host Template = Generic SNMP (for 3Com switches).
  2. (Device page) Create Graphs for this Host. Graph Types = All (or SNMP). Multi-select items to draw graphs for.
  3. (Navigation Sidebar) Graph Trees, Add. Tree Item Type = Host.
  4. wait for 5 mins, or php poller.php --force. Watch …/cacti/log/cacti.log.
  5. (Top) graphs.


Custom settings:

  • Graph Template, Traffic:
    • Auto Scale: no
    • Per-Graph Auto Scale: yes
    • Rigid Boundaries: no
    • Upper Limit: 10000000
  • Settings, Poller:
    • Poller Type: spine
    • Max Threads Per Process: 4
  • Settings, Visual
    • Font Size: Axis = 7, Unit = 8, Legend = 8, Title = 10
    • Font Name: Bitstream Vera Sans Normal (or Mono)

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