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Cisco IOS: To boot into ROMMON mode, i.e., the bootloader prompt, press Ctrl-Break to send a break signal to the console. To disable loading startup-config from nvram, set bit 0×40 on in the configuration register. The factory default setting for the configuration register is 0×2102.

The no service password-recovery Command for Secure ROMMON Configuration Example – Cisco Systems
This document provides a sample configuration for the no service password-recovery command used to enable ROMMON security.

Reset a Cisco Router to Factory Default Settings – Cisco Systems
This document explains how to restore a Cisco router to its original factory default settings.


Cisco 2950 Switches: the simplest way to enable telnet

connect using browser, select level 15
issue the following commands
# config http
# line vty 0 4
# no login


simplest way to enable SNMP

(config)# snmp-server community public
(config)# snmp-server enable traps
(config)# snmp-server host public


show debug/status/event messages on current virtual terminal
# terminal monitor

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