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Part 1  BUPTer  (2001-2002)


When I first arrived here , Beijing University of Post & Telecommunication , I knew that from then on I would become a BUPTer . This university is very famous for its achievement in IT . When child I had been very interested in programming and computer networks , so I was glad that I had become a BUPTer here , in Computer Science & Technology Department .


The new environment around me was very attractive and exciting . I met many people and most of them became my friends . Before that period I used to be shy , so time and time again I told myself : it’s a new world to you , so you should be brave enough to talk to other people . Because of this faith , I took part in many student associations . For example , I joined in associations of comic , computer , information security and so on . But the most important to me is that I joined the Association of Science & Technology , which is a very big association , and I met my first girl friend there .


In BUPT , every one can not live without computer . There’re so many computers here that I have even been told that the computers here are more than people . In our first term , I rent a computer for study before I bought my first notebook computer . That was a very interesting period because we had only one computer in our room . We often use it to study , to play games , to watch VCDs and so on . The happiness is simple , but our feeling is great . During that period I wrote my first ‘hello world’ program in Delphi , and then I managed developing my first project : a little system for simulating a elevator’s function .


Another important thing is that I found myself deeply fell for our library , the greatest library for telecommunication in China . When I was leisure , I often went to library to read books and magazines for some hours . Because of that I learned many IT knowledges , and I was interested in business science , too . Every time I thought that in this huge building I could read so many great books for free , I felt happy .


Conclusion : I knew , from my first day in my university , I was becoming a BUPTer little by little . My exciting BUPT life had begun . I wished that my future would be bright .




Part 2  The Rise of Me  (2002-2003)


Just before this period I was striken by a very sad incident : my first girl friend left me . I assure that it was the saddest experience in my whole BUPT life . It happened so suddenly that I was nearly beaten down . The bad feeling was just like that the whole sky turned gray in my eyes . This continued for about a month . After that , when I was recovered , I felt that I had become much more adult than before . Now I see this experience as great wealth of mine .


Then the new term began . On the first week , I made a decision . I decided to run for the new manager of my department in Association of Science & Technology . I had been working in Technology Department in Association of Science & Technology for a year , helping to develop the website and to design advertisements by computer . I called in two good friends to make a team to run for the new manager . After a fierce struggle , my team won the goal . It was great ! The victory encouraged me very much . From then on , I became more brave and more confident .


After I was made the new manager , I also began to manage the office of the department . Our office is large , with about 8 people working in it . That time because I had little knowledge in managing other people , I got many troubles . But my two good friends surpported me very much . Thanks to them , I finally did my job well . I rebuilt our website , managed our FTP , and even helped other departments to hold a Digital Art Festival . All of these gave me great experiences , and made me much more capable .


My office was directly linked to Internet , and the speed is high . I began to spend more and more time on Internet . I used the name ‘ leeforce’ on our BBS and other Internet community . I often copy many good articles from the web and paste them on BBS . Then I began to became famous in BBS . From then on I met many good friends on Internet , and they helped me a lot . Finally the name ‘leeforce’ became more famous then my real name . It made me feel good .


Finally , one day , the SARS came . Almost the whole China got in panic . Our lessons were soon stoped , and we stayed at our university , daring not to go anywhere else . That time , our rooms had not been linked to Internet . So I who had an office with network is very lucky . Without lessons , I could stay on-line for all day . During that period I created a FTP site with comic and animation resources . Now it has become the biggest FTP site for comic and animation resource in  BUPT , and is very famous on Internet .


During my grade 2 , I also get my first international IT certification : IBM Certified AIX System Administrator . That was a very interesting experience , too .


Conclusion : In grade 2 I made my rise . I became an active and happy boy again during this period .



Part 3  This Beautiful & Ugly World  (2003-2004)


At last I went into my grade 3 . My life suddenly became quiet , and I became more calm , too . I began to think about my life and my future .


I left the Association of Science & Technology , and that made me feel free . Then I could spend more time on reading books , studying technologies , and getting more other experience . I bought a new computer and some new clothes , ready to begin my new BUPT life .


I was made administrator of the cartoon board of our BBS . There were my many friends on BBS , and I was very glad to serve them . I also went to my home board , the School of Computer Science & Technology , and became a main force there .


Time continued to go on . My life seemed to become common . The same as my many classmates , I began to feel blank and confused about my life . I did not know how my life would become . World around me turned to be ugly . What should I do ? Should I continue with this senseless life , or should I get down to struggle for my future ? To deal with this question is very complex . Sometimes it became even painful because it was like that every day I was fighting with myself . I thought about this question for nearly about three months and finally I got my answer . That is : I wanna rise , I wanna struggle , I wanna fight for my bright future .


I made my aim : I was going to become a graduate student in Peking University to study my favourate digital arts . Because I had learned some arts when I was young and I had studied computer science at university , I wanted to be successful in the junction of these two field . So I selected the digital arts as my direction and I want to be a great expert in animation production or computer game industry . I knew it was difficult to be a graduate student in Peking University , but I would struggle . I saw this as a great chance , and I was brave and confident to meet any difficulties .


There are also some exciting things during this period . First , I found my new girl friend and she is a very good girl . Because of her , my life had become more happy and more substantial . Second , I began to manage my BLOG site on Internet . BLOG is also called Web Log , which is a new way to show myself and to communicate with my friends on Internet . The experience was very special and exciting , and because of that my capability of writing had been enhanced .


Finally , my BUPT life will get over its 3rd year . In these three years , I experienced a lot and  studied a lot , too . I know that my friends and I will continue living in this university , and we are struggling together for our future . Sometimes I looked back to my past , then I was surprised that I had come through so much during these years . Things in the past can only be memoried now , with some of them happy and some of them sad . Somebody said , if you are not able to hold something , the only thing you can do is not to forget it . So I will never forget these three years , as I will never forget my BUPT life .


Conclusion : this is a beautiful and ugly world , but we can make it better .







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