1          AppFuse: Start Your J2EE Web Apps

1  AppFuse: 开始你的J2EE web应用

by Matt Raible


The Birth of AppFuse

What Is AppFuse?

What Does the Future Hold?

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How Do I Start Using It?


One of the hardest parts about J2EE development is getting started. There is an immense amount of open source tools for web app development. Making a decision on which technologies to use can be tough — actually beginning to use them can be even more difficult. Once you’ve decided to use Struts and Hibernate, how do you go about implementing them? If you look on the Hibernate site or the Struts site, you’ll probably have a hard time finding any information on integrating the two. What if you want to throw Spring into the mix? As a developer, the best way for me to learn is by viewing sample apps and tutorials that explain how to extend those applications. In order for me to learn (and remember) how to integrate open source technologies such as Hibernate, Spring, Struts, and Ant/XDoclet, I created AppFuse. The beauty of AppFuse is you can actually get started with Hibernate, Spring, and Struts without even knowing much about them. Using test-driven development, AppFuse and its tutorials will show you how to develop a J2EE web application quickly and efficiently.

J2EE开发来说,开始是一件最困难的事情之一。对于巨大数量的开源技术来说,决定选择哪些技术可能是很困难的实际上,对于他们的上手可能更加困难。假设你选择了StrutsHibernate,那么你如何去将他们在一起使用。即使你去查找Hibernate主站或者Struts主站,你仍然难以找到关于如何整合两者的信息。假如你再打算整合Spring又会如何?作为一个开发者,我认为最好的学习方法是浏览简单的示例程序和指南来解释如何扩展这些程序。为了我能够学习和记住如何集成像Hibernate, Spring, Struts, Ant/XDoclet这样的开源技术,我编写了AppFuseAppFuse的诱人之处就是你能够即刻开始使用Hibernate, Spring, and Struts却无需知道很多关于它们的知识。AppFuse和它的指南将告诉你如何快速有效的使用测试驱动方法开发一个J2EE web应用程序。


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