New Features and Changes:

  1. Add php.acp thanks for 魏振 <>
  2. Replace old snippet with new snippet, more details please see <Snippet Howto>
  3. Binding F5 to editor but not MainFrame, and add F5(Refresh) support in Directory Browser.
  4. Improve Python class browser, threading update, change some icons
  5. Add indent cursor move functionality see <Indent Moving Howto>
  6. Improve threading document modification process, so you can get better efficiency
  7. Introduce meide( project to simplify the interface creation
  8. Add FNB.FNB_DROPDOWN_TABS_LIST style to EditorCtrl
  9. Change auto file check in Editor on_set_focus event handler
  10. Change DDE to asyncore and asynchat framework
  11. Change preference dialog from notebook to treebook
  12. Add icon set theme support
  13. Add strip line ending when saving functionality option in Preferences
  14. Strip leading space when doing "Run in Shell"
  15. Add auto detect python interpreter in windows platform
  16. Improve ReST document render, and fix the setfocus lost bug when auto modified the html output, thanks a lot to ygao
  17. Change setmenutext to use fix width to set the menu text, replace with ‘t’
  18. Chanage notebook left double click to right double click(enlarge notebook size)
  19. Add search text count in Find & Replace pane
  20. Add line ending mixture check when saving file feature
  21. Improve preference dialog input assistant checkbox process. When you check the first checkbox(Enable input assistant) it’ll automatically toggle other 5 checkboxes.
  22. Change new toolbutton to dropdown toolbutton, and it can remember the last new file type(select new type menu first), then when you select new menu, it’ll create a new file with the last new file type
  23. Improve command search and pairprog plugin caret display process
  24. Add auto new version of UliPad check
  25. Add slice language syntax support
  26. Add auto pop up project setting dialog when adding directory to directoy browser window
  27. Add Open Explorer Window Here menu to editoctrl tab context menu
  28. Add open snippet tool button, change open dirbrowser and open snippet toolbutton to check toolbutton
  29. Change explorer.exe %s as explorer.exe /e, %s in windows platform
  30. Add copy filename to clipboard menu on document area tab context menu
  31. Add wrap text feature, via [Edit]->[Format]->[Wrap Text...]

New Plugins:

  1. canvas_test_plugin, you can directly test DC api
  2. web2py_plugin, supply web2py shell

Bug fix:

  1. Fix webopen twice open bug
  2. Fix editor shortcuts key caption error
  3. Fix if set DROP_DOWN_TABS_LIST style, right arrow will disappear bug
  4. Fix utf-16 convertion bug
  5. Fix mako tag auto complete bug #issue 14
  6. Fix if lines are folded, when goto hiding lines will no effect bug
  7. Fix DDE bug, thanks to LP <>
  8. Fix webopen bug, can’t correctly deal with ‘mailto:’
  9. Fix smart tabs bug
  10. Fix copy and paste lineending is not correct bug
  11. Fix tab invisible bug after changing size or changing the page title
  12. Fix template line-ending not match the default line-ending setting
  13. Fix password widget is not Password type widget bug
  14. Fix script filename cannot be unicode(chinese) bug
  15. Fix syntax check exception process bug
  16. Fix ruler bug

 UliPad has ported to, so you can visit the new project site at:, and also visit the new svn address. Recommends
using source version.

source version download:
window exe version:

ulipad snippets site: (hosted by GAE)

Hope you enjoy it.


  1. 已经用上了,谢谢你们。

  2. 有几个问题:

    1.对于类似if :${0} 这样的自动完成,如何只屏蔽这个?设置里面的输入助手选项完全看不懂。




  3. 1. 不能屏蔽,如果不想要只能去修改conf/python.acp文件,将${n}的模板去掉,只保留${0}的即可。

    2. 试一下svn版本。如果有模板存在,是会跳转的,其它的就是缩近处理

    3. 就是这样的。前提是你要全行选择,不能只选择一部分。

  4. 可以考虑增加一个UE式的二进制查看的功能。