You have an excellent product. I am very impressed and find 9e3.com to be very interesting.

 I am the President of BroadWebAsia (www.broadwebasia.com), a technology and investment company created by the founder of the company who owns Myspace.com, which was recently acquired by News Corp for $600 million dollars.

 I would like to have a discussion with you about the following potential areas:

 1) Background of your product and company

 2) Possibly partnering with and investing in or acquiring your company/website so you can get capital to grow faster

 3) Explore working with us to obtain public stock in a U.S. company to cash out.

 I would like to speak with your President via IM and/or email in the near future to discuss further.

 Best Regards,

 Daniel Yeh


Daniel Yeh


BroadWebAsia, Inc.

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Los Angeles, CA 90069

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