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Will those wishing to buy the iPhone4 get their wish? The release of the iPhone4 is set to take place on Thursday, June 23, 2010. Are consumers who want the iPhone4 going to be able to find one at retailers?
The best bet, according to some industry insiders, is to buy your iPhone4 at your local Apple retailer.

Sales last week for the iPhone4 were off the charts. According to this story on Computer World, Apple boasted that it sold 600,000 iPhone4's in less than 24 hours. What does that mean for those searching and in the market to buy and iPhone4? It doesn't seem likely that too many will be available per market on Thursday. Consumers may have to put their names on a sign up sheet to receive notice when the new iPhone4's come in.

Even David Letterman joined in the act on Wednesday night–putting the iPhone4 in his regular Top Ten list.
The Top Ten list referred to what Dave has learned over his 30 years as a television show host.
I think the joke was something like this–corporations will pay large sums of money if you mention things like the iPhone4 release. Dave has definitely learned to strike while the iron is hot. The iPhone4 is one of the most talked about innovations in mobile technology in recent memory. People will be lining up in various markets to try to buy one with the official release on Thursday.

There will be many questions to arise on Thursday with the release of the iPhone4. The phrase “iPhone4 activation” is already surging in hits on Google Hot Trends tonight–a website that ranks keywords according to search volumes. I would imagine that iPhone4 activation will be a huge draw again tomorrow when those lucky enough to buy the latest electronic toy get their hands on the coveted prize.

The iPhone4 will have various reviews throughout the week as consumers test and begin to sample the device. How will the iPhone4 reviews depict the latest in mobile technology? Those first few iPhone4 reviews will probably determine what happens in term of mass volumes of sales in the coming weeks. Initial reviews have been favorable-but only time will tell how the iPhone4 fits into the tech world. Will consumers be happy once they get the initial iPhone4 activation? That's a question consumers will collectively answer in the next few weeks and months.

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it’s been a month since I’ve posted anything new so I guess it’s about time to do something. Here’s the latest AAC decoder with the following changes:

Channel mapping works as it should
Seeking now works with files (some MKV) that don’t have time stamps set for all frames
Another LATM media type has been added for Windows 7
Object type is detected for each decoded frame – HE mode is properly indicated in the property page

I have also had plans to do 7.1 channel support but did not have time to create such files for myself nor luck to find them anywhere so if you want to make things easy for me and are in possession of such files go ahead and post them to me.

Download : (285 KB)


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Crystal Defenders for iPad- app review


With this weeks sale of Square-Enix games in honor of Chaos Rings release, I thought it fit to review Crystal Defenders for iPad. This is a very fun strategy/tower defense game: hardcore players apply only.

Crystal Defenders has you assume the role of master strategist as you place your units on a map to destroy the oncoming 30 waves of monsters trying to steal your crystals. Before you begin a game, you have to choose which game style you want. There are three to choose from: W1, W2 and W3. W1 is the easiest and simplest. The maps are not difficult and you do not have any power crystals (more on that later). W2 brings in the use of power crystals during gameplay and more challenging levels. W3 is the ultimate challenge. New monsters, units and very challenging maps.

The game revolves around Gil, which is your money/source for everything in the game. You use Gil to place units on the board and to upgrade them. The waves of monsters are cued up on the left of your screen and your units on the right. Before each wave of enemy monster you can place as many units as you would like onscreen till you use all of your Gil. Then, with the tap of the screen the oncoming horde commences towards the level exit and you have to cross your fingers that your units can defend your crystals. The good news; even during a wave you can still place and upgrade your units and if needed pause the action in the middle of a wave. If you become impatient, you can speedup the action 4X so waves complete very quickly.

You have a wide variety of units and monsters. There is the standard solider fanfare as well as archers, mages, thieves, hunters, etc. All of these types of units are necessary as monsters have varying levels of HP, resistance to physical, magical or air attacks and movement.

Once you progress past the W1 levels, the W2 levels give the add strategy of power crystals. There are three crystals in your arsenal: red to increase damage, blue to increase distance and yellow to increase speed. It is imperative to place these crystals next to your most important units to give them an edge. Just like other units, the power crystals can be upgraded, but at a much higher Gil cost than your units. You also have the ability to cast what are called Espers. Espers are creatures that can cast a spell for a wave, like increase all unit damage for that wave; Espers come in really handy.

If you think you have what it takes, then this is the ultimate in Tower Defense games. Three levels of varying difficulty and challenges, deep strategy (it’s the only way to win) and creatures and characters from the Final Fantasy universe make this a must have game for the enthusiast.

[$3.99- iTunes Link]

TiPb iPad 4-star rated

Great fun!
Bright, colorful graphics
Familiar characters from the Final Fantasy universe


Very difficult
Simple graphics might shy players away

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