Speck’s CandyShell for IPod Touch 2nd Generation

2011-04-29 at 06:15 pm Peter

Speck’s CandyShell for the 2nd generation iPod Touch is a durable, long-lasting case for the popular Apple device. With its hard exterior and soft interior, the CandyShell is one of the best cases to get for the iPod Touch (2nd generation) in terms of protection and style.

General Overview

Speck’s CandyShell case features a hard exterior combined with a soft, rubberized interior. This results in good shock resistance if you ever drop your device with the case on. The case covers the back and sides of the iPod Touch, leaving only the front and bottom of the device open. The power button on the top, as well as the volume control buttons on the left of the device, are also securely covered. WIth the bottom of the device still exposed, this allows users to easily charge the iPod Touch without having to remove the case. The headphone port is also exposed to allow for easy access.

The rubberized interior of the CandyShell also provides your iPod Touch with a very snug fit. When fitted properly, your device will not move around in the case. Also, rubberized ridges will outline the front of your device, providing protection in case you drop your iPod Touch facedown on a flat surface.


When my purchased case arrived by post, I was given not only a case but also a screen protector to prevent fingerprint smudges from smearing the screen. Also included in my package was a small orange cloth used to clean my iPod Touch. I am unsure whether these accessories come with all packages, as I did not order mine from the Speck website but, rather, a third party site.

Color Options

At the time I was shopping around for an iPod Touch case/protector, there were only two color options. You could get a white case with a cranberry red interior, or you could choose to get a black case with a yellow interior. Currently at Speck’s website, it is listed that there are now four completely different colors that you may choose from. The previous two color options that I mentioned are no longer listed on this product site but may be found elsewhere. The four color options that are listed are:

-a berry blue exterior with a lighter blue for the interior and other rubber parts, like the Speck logo on the back of the case and volume control cover
-a bubblegum pink exterior with a lighter pink for the interior and other rubber parts
-a jetblack exterior with a lighter shade of black for the interior and other rubber parts
-a white exterior with a gray interior, as well as gray for the other rubber parts


-lightweight and adds minimal amount of extra bulk
-highly protective
-colorful design
-easy access to charging port and headphone port


-the rubber ridge at the bottom of the case, as well as the plastic under it, are more flexible than the rest of the case and are thus more susceptible to breaking
-not easy to put on or remove, but this may be seen as a plus

Overall, Speck’s CandyShell for the iPod Touch (2nd generation) is highly recommended for anyone looking for a stylish, protective case.

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