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What Is an Apple iPad


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You have to keep in touch with the new releases because every day appears a new gadget. Everybody asks “What is Apple iPad?” In this article you will find all the information that you need about them. First of all, you have to know that the iPad is a bigger version of the iPhone device. Almost every feature is the same.

So if you are an iPhone user you can easily use the new iPad too, which is popular among people thanks to its thickness and to its 1.5 ponds weight which makes possible to carry it easily. You can use an iPad for even 10 hours for surfing on the Internet, watching a movie or listening to music. It has a LED glossy display which gives you a high quality standard of the pictures. You can imagine the device’s size as a white paper (around 7.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches tall).

One of the main advantages of the iPad is that contains a virtual keyboard. If you never used before such an accessory, it will be hard to get familiar with it. If happens that you don’t want to use the keyboard, you have the opportunity to buy a separate one. The iPads are available in three models: 64 GB, 32 GB and 16 GB versions and gives you the opportunity to connect the device very easily to the wireless Internet, because has a built in Wi-Fi. You can also easily surf on the Internet with the Safari web browser program and download the most recent appeared songs from the iTunes store. One of the main advantages of the iPad is that is compatible with the iBooks which gives you the opportunity to read different documents and books on your iPad. Thanks to its special feature you can also turn the pages by turning the device horizontally. You can use the iPad for many reasons including viewing pictures, listening to the music, watching movie and checking e-mails. As the other devices, the iPad has also advantages and disadvantages, too. You have to know about them that they are released by the multinational Apple Company. You can use the multi touch keyboard for different features such as Youtube, Calendars, Applications, iTunes, Maps, HD, Mail and many others. The most important feature of the iPad is its screen. This makes it so special.

You can also buy different accessories for the iPad such as iPad dock, case, camera connection kit which also includes a USB adapter, iPod dock with hardware and many others. Most of the people are curious to find the answer to the “What is Apple iPad?” question. Read the article and find more information about the iPads and the GSM technology. If you decide to purchase an iPad model, you have to pay around 500 $ to 700 $ and you can buy it directly from the Apple’s online Store.

Gotta Have It: Switcheasy Ticker


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It’s 2011 and a new year means new segments on the iPod Repair Blog. This new segment is called “Gotta Have It” and it will introduce accessories that I just gotta have.
The first accessory on the list is the Ticker from Switcheasy. I have been a big fan of Switcheasy from the day I opened my first Rebel case for my iPhone and I haven’t look back since. The Ticker is designed to be used with the iPod Nano and gives you a completely new experience. I found that it is great for runners and is less cumbersome than an armband. The wristband is shock resistant and fits securely to your wrist and uses of polycarbonate push through buttons to control your musical journey. Also, with the Nano clock feature, the Ticker serves double duty as a wrist watch.

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