BPO=Business Process OutSourcing

India is most famous with BPO, because it has much own benefit — low cost, english language environment, etc. Especially the english language environment, it’s what chinese not good. Most tycoons, like Nokia, Intel, Microsoft, etc., consider that India will be one fo the most important market. The rapidly improving of India also prove this.


  1. 看來你在india生活是多姿多彩的,相信日後你會有更多的經歷和趣閒.

    哦, 你生日呀,本來在你去india之前寄了一份包裹給你,但恰巧你不在.現在這包裹退回我這裏.好的, 等你回來後,我再給你吧.

    wish you have a wonderful life in india.

  2. 突然间想到这里,过来批阅了一把,看来你的生活还真是多姿彩呀~


    btw, did you find the magic oil?