I’m having the database course now, but I’m very and very sleepy. It’s because we had a big party which was hold by all Chinese guys in campus last night. Every Chinese know this was Mid-Autumn Day yesterday, so it’s a Mid-Autumn party. It had special meaning for us which left homeland to a strange place, India. I’m one of the organigers and preparing in only 3 days. Although the time was very short, the party was success and both Chinese & Indian were happy. The most popular part in the party was "Guessing Song". It’s a game that Indian sang a Chinese song and then Chinese guessing the song’s name, very funny. My Indian friends, sharp and I sang "We will rock you" together, it’s so awesome~~

There were so many interesting thing happened after I came to India. One of them is Losting two single socks at the first washing clothes in ECC. It means I lost two pairs of sock…unlcuk…


I have already begun technical training on Mon. The first is C programming. It’s not difficult but very useful. It considerd the Code Style and Test very much. Programmer must follow the same Code Style and doing Unit Test in every program. It’s the base to be an qualified Software Engineer. It’s impossible in China……


Just finished the photo uploaded. You can know more about my life in india now~~ Everying in the campus is amazing. As the photo show, my dorm is like a 4-stars hotel and is tidied everyday. It’s very unbelievable……The classroom and library is opened 24×7hrs, so the study environment here is prefect. Coffee is very important for infosicons. You can see coffee machine everywhere and you have your own coffee cup in classroom. Everyone enjoy a cup of coffee at the morning, at the break of class and also at the moment when you feel sleepy ^_^.

Outside the campus is a small city called Mysore. It’s a different world. Mysore like ground and campus just like heaven, but i can find the true of india and know what’s indian life. It’s a very special experience. Chinese students going out campus along is not good. We must go with some indian colleagues. it’ll be more safe because some indian don’t know english in Mysore. I go out last Saturday and visited Mysore Palace and the most famous Garden. Mysore is called " the city of Palace", so the Palace is very beautiful. I will upload more photo next time~


hello, everyone. I am in the campus of Infosys, located in Mysore which is a small city in india. It’s very beautiful and have a entertainment buliding, called ECC( Employee Care Center). You can play badminton, football, snocker, table-tennis, especially rcirket in ECC. I play sport all the day in holiday…so crazy…

I have a indian roommate who is very friendly and dynamic, just like me, haha~~ and he introduced so many indian to me. They are all very nice and funny. and they gave me an indian name called "Ba Ba", is a god’s name in india, so I’m a god now, haha~~

It’s my first time getting online, i’m so excitied~~i’ll tell you more about my life in india next time~~


呢两日真系大喜大悲,差点就要延迟出发,好在最后都有惊无险…仲有两个钟就要出发啦,有点不舍……but, wait for me India~