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- If I may…?


- You and your family will be on it when it [sets sail] tomorrow.

张帆, 开航

- What kind of son of a bitch doesn’t have a [spare tire] in his car.


- I was just [hitting the head], boss.

going to the bathroom. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=hit+the+head

- Semper fi.

听上去像是口号。解释为,always faithful。 http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=semper+fi



Javascript功能不算弱,但语法不严谨,给阅读带来比较大的麻烦。一般来说,读代码通过单步调试的方法是比较理想的,起码在局部范围可以迅速理解代码段的用途和含义。不巧的是,Javascript好像还没有一个非常专业的IDE及调试器,所以,一般用的是Firefox的Javascript Debugger插件,或者是VS提供的脚本调试器。


function showDebug() {
window.top.debugWindow =
window.top.debugWindow.opener = self;
// open the document for writing
"<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Debug Window</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><PRE>\n");
function debug(text) {
if (window.top.debugWindow && ! window.top.debugWindow.closed) {
function hideDebug() {
if (window.top.debugWindow && ! window.top.debugWindow.closed) {
window.top.debugWindow = null;

使用也很简单,在要调试的地方加上语句debug(val)就可以了,最后,在window.onload中加入showDebug(); 如果不想调试了,就把showDebug注释掉。



以前用过UML,对Use Cases相对比较熟一点,最近在学习Agile的过程中,接触了一个新的概念,User Stories。 但是怎么就感觉说的和Use Cases是一回事,正好在《User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development》一书的FAQ中发现了相关内容。

书中提及,“One of the most obvious differences between stories and use cases is their scope.”“ stories are kept smaller in scope because we place constraints on their size (such as no more than ten days of development work) so that they may be used in scheduling work. A use case almost always covers a much larger scope than a story.”“ Each story is not necessarily equivalent to a main success scenario”。按照这样的理解,Use Cases是针对一个比较完整的用例,包含正常情况和各种非正常的情况。相对的,User Stories更像是把User Cases break down,并排列整合起来。

Another important difference between use cases and stories is their longevity. Use cases are often permanent artifacts that continue to exist as long as the product is under active development or maintenance. Stories, on the other hand, are not intended to outlive the iteration in which they are added to the software. While it is possible to archive story cards, many teams simply rip them up.”对此,非常不理解,为何Stories就在迭代周期外不应存在呢?继续读下去。。。

Another difference is that use cases and stories are written for different purposes (Davies 2001). Use cases are written in a format acceptable to both customers and developers so that each may read and agree to them. Their purpose is to document an agreement between the customer and the development team. Stories, on the other hand, are written to facilitate release and iteration planning, and to serve as placeholders for conversations about the users’ detailed needs.”感觉这该是一个非常重要的差异,因为其他一些区别是基于这个差异的。

Finally, use cases are generally written as the result of an analysis activity, while user stories are written as notes that can be used to initiate analysis conversations.

读完了这些,基本上对作者想要阐述的区别有了一个大致的了解。由于两者存在的目的不同,Use Cases是为了让Business方和Software方能有一种双方能够理解的沟通方式并达成一致,使以后的软件开发有个依据,以遵从Business方的需求。而相对应的,User Story是为了在一个迭代周期内制定计划的。所以,他们的内容也许很相似,但是本质却很不一样。Use Case更有些为Software一方服务,可说是一个类似architecture的工具,而User Story更站在用户角度,主要为了Schedule,可以说是一个类似Project Management的工具。鉴于以上的目的不一致,表现形式的不一致也就可以理解了。所以,虽然Use Case是一个比较概括的东西,但是却必须是非常Serious的,相对而言,User Story就比较随意些。

顺便翻了下《UML Distilled: A Brief Guide to the Standard Object Modeling Language, Third Edition》,正好也简短的说到了两者的差距,觉得说得比较到位。

Features are a good way of chunking up a system for planning an iterative project, whereby each iteration delivers a number of features. Use cases provide a narrative of how the actors use the system. Hence, although both techniques describe requirements, their purposes are different.


Although you can go directly to describing features, many people find it helpful to develop use cases first and then generate a list of features. A feature may be a whole use case, a scenario in a use case, a step in a use case, or some variant behavior, such as adding yet another depreciation method for your asset valuations, that doesn’t show up in a use case narrative. Usually, features end up being more fine grained than use cases.


- Apparently, Fibonacci’s [coming up for air] again….

coming up for air,看上去有点像闷了太久,“出来透透气”,呼吸点新鲜空气。

- ……a lot of people [are going down].

(如果这位老兄出来作证,那么,)好多人就要“落水”了。going down,玩完了。

- Are you [meeting up with] her, the doctor?

词霸解释为“偶遇”,感觉不合适,这里更有点“Date”的意思。查了相关资料,英文解释为:[verb] meet with by appointment; "She met up with her former lover"。按照这个英文解释,词霸的解释不仅是不合适的,甚至可以说是错误的。

- We’ll [drop you off] in the next town……

几个人一起坐车的时候,到了某个地点把某人放下去,就是drop sb. off

- The [dredging] of the river under Scofield’s apartment……

v.挖掘, 捞取

- Serial numbers match an order that Scofield put in with Dell a few months before he was [incarcerated].

vt.把…关进监狱, 监禁, 幽闭

- This is helping us how?


- I’ll [reach out] to the media.

我去联系媒体,我去通知媒体。[verb] attempt to communicate; "I try to reach out to my daughter but she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me"

- If it gets out that the guy who [masterminded] this whole thing is possibly dead, the other six cons are gonna get their guards up even more.


- I want those guys out there getting more [complacent], not more careful.

adj.自满的, 得意的

- In national news, the eight escaped convicts from Fox River [Penitentiary] in Illinois are still [at large], and…

Time for me to learn a new word "penitentiary" other than "jail". at large, 在逃


I’d like to, mh

talk about John Wilkes Booth for a moment  if I could,

Abraham Lincoln’s killer.

12 days,

that’s how long it took to find him.

In his journal during this period, he wrote that,

the shadow was his friend,

the night his domain.

He acknowledged that whatever neuroses drove the criminal to commit the original crime is compounded,

magnified by flight, by the sounds of dogs at his heels.

Fear becomes paranoia,

paranoia ultimately psychosis.

I bring this up, because, in 140 years,

the fundamental mind of the escaped man has not changed.

The escaped man is still human.

He is still afraid, and he will stop at nothing in his attempt at flight. 

Fortunately for us,

while our quarry has shadow and night as his ally,

we have something far greater:


I would encourage everyone who is watching,

everyone in this country,

to take a good look at these faces.

These men right here are now the eight most-wanted-men in America.



1 按照安装步骤,一切就绪以后,愣是无法重启apache Server。看了Apache的Test Configuration, 发现“LoadModule php5_module modules/php5apache2.dll ”有问题,load 没有成功。

解决方法:http://snaps.php.net/ 下载5.2.x dev版本的php,解压后将php5apache2_2.dll放到modules目录下面,并将config里面的php5apache2.dll改为php5apache2_2.dll。


2 简单的<? phpinfo() ?> 显示空白

解决方法:改为 <?php phpinfo() ?>