- Apparently, Fibonacci’s [coming up for air] again….

coming up for air,看上去有点像闷了太久,“出来透透气”,呼吸点新鲜空气。

- ……a lot of people [are going down].

(如果这位老兄出来作证,那么,)好多人就要“落水”了。going down,玩完了。

- Are you [meeting up with] her, the doctor?

词霸解释为“偶遇”,感觉不合适,这里更有点“Date”的意思。查了相关资料,英文解释为:[verb] meet with by appointment; "She met up with her former lover"。按照这个英文解释,词霸的解释不仅是不合适的,甚至可以说是错误的。

- We’ll [drop you off] in the next town……

几个人一起坐车的时候,到了某个地点把某人放下去,就是drop sb. off

- The [dredging] of the river under Scofield’s apartment……

v.挖掘, 捞取

- Serial numbers match an order that Scofield put in with Dell a few months before he was [incarcerated].

vt.把…关进监狱, 监禁, 幽闭

- This is helping us how?


- I’ll [reach out] to the media.

我去联系媒体,我去通知媒体。[verb] attempt to communicate; "I try to reach out to my daughter but she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me"

- If it gets out that the guy who [masterminded] this whole thing is possibly dead, the other six cons are gonna get their guards up even more.


- I want those guys out there getting more [complacent], not more careful.

adj.自满的, 得意的

- In national news, the eight escaped convicts from Fox River [Penitentiary] in Illinois are still [at large], and…

Time for me to learn a new word "penitentiary" other than "jail". at large, 在逃