Harborside park created from a former oil tank facility on North Sydney’s Waverton Peninsula

Led by landscape architect and urban designer Adrian McGregor, Sydney and Newcastle based mcgregor+partners are proponents of a new genre of environmentally focused landscape architecture which they frame within a modernist design approach.

This recent project, officially opened on March 12, 2005, is the first of three former industrial sites on the Waverton Peninsula to be transformed.

North Deck

The 2.5 hectare Former BP site, has emerged from it’s polluted past to become a contemporary (post industrial) recreational and environmental park. Located on the Waverton Peninsula on the northern side of Sydney harbour adjacent to the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the site is surrounded by middle class suburbs and an existing nature reserve. In its’ former state, 31 oil storage tanks and ancillary facilities stood on massive concrete platforms carved from the sandstone bedrock. These tanks were used to transfer fuel from ships to tanker vehicles. As a consequence of remediation to remove contamination many industrial structures were demolished leaving behind dislocated historic fragments.

now                                                                                                    before

The design reconnects these resilient fragments, then contrasts them against simple contemporary structures to retain their visual and cultural prominence. The new design celebrates the site’s industrial heritage and harbour location in an environmental framework of regenerating native bush land and constructed wetlands. Viewing decks and walking platforms float over the dramatic sandstone cliff cutting’s whilst concrete and steel stairs wrap over and around the topography. This new park adds another public link to the necklace of harbour foreshore access for the people of Sydney.