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尽管之前小米1S的屡次返修让我对小米的印象一落千丈,但不得不说,这次售价299(小米用户)的小米盒子成功的让我再一次心动了,相比默默无闻的快播大屏幕和在国内乏力的Apple TV,相信小米盒子的销量会非常的可观 ,本文将为你介绍快播大屏幕、Apple TV和小米盒子等网络电视机顶盒,并比较他们的优缺点。

Apple TV

在谈小米盒子和快播大屏幕之前,不得不提Apple TV,因为他们都是源自于Apple TV,尤其是小米盒子,甚至连造型都差不多。那么,Apple TV到底是个什么东西呢?

通俗点讲,Apple TV就是一个网络机顶盒,通过网线或者无线网络(WIFI),就可以在电视上收看网络视频、图片等,当然,事实并不仅仅如此。

Apple TV内置的应用已经有不少,从电视剧、电影、音乐到图片都有,当然,大多数在国内无法访问,而且,大多数电影和电视节目是需要收费的。

显然Apple TV的功能远远不止如此,其最重要的部分就是AirPlay了,AirPlay是苹果从2010年开始推的一个无线技术,只要网络里存在AirPlay设备,安装了iTunes的电脑或者iOS设备上就会自动多出一个选项,将音频视频内容无线传送到AirPlay设备上进行播放。

简单来说,如果你有iPod Touch、iPhone或者iPad,都可以随时把自己机器上的音乐、视频同步到装了Apple TV的电视上播放,你的iOS设备上的搜狐视频等在线视频同样可以投射到大电视上,何不快哉。

Apple TV的售价是99美元(折合人民币不到620元),尽管今年到目前Apple TV的销量已经超过300万台,但是在国内购买和使用依然得面临许多困难,这也给接下来要将的快播大屏幕和小米盒子等提供了机会。




快播大屏幕支持安卓和iOS系统,支持自主研发的“Smart play”协议、Airplay和DLNA等,将你的手机和平板灯设备上的内容通过WIFI同步到电视,不过相对较高的价格(将近1000元)和并不太成功的宣传以及小米盒子的发布,个人对快播大屏幕的前景并不十分看好。













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Er Shi, lord when eating, holding bowl clothed, into the homes Wei Ayutthaya begging. their city, the sequence has been begging, but also to the Department. meals finished, close the mantle, foot washing has, Fuzuo while sitting. “Shen one gasped, this is what to what? Shen playing small does not believe in Buddhism, so naturally did not come out Dolma read the Diamond Sutra is the first product. Dolma was through, even bowed before the Shen a, creeping prayers. Then got up, looked at the side of the sink a beat Chen Promise of a half-dead, turned to the eight law enforcement, said: “This man also invited back into tantra, I want to educate him.” “Yes!” Eight law enforcement pious tract. Then, Dolma hehe smile on Shen one: “Big Brother, Dolma to leave, I do not know when we can see How about you, bye.” Then, Dolma came and hugged a sinking one, and then turned to leave, the eight law enforcement carrying Chen Promise followed. 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