Taking a bus

A: Excuse me, When will the bus leave?

B: In two minutes.

A: When will it get to the terminal?

B: 4:30.

A: Does this bus get to Washington Square?

B: Oh, no. You should take No. 52 Tramcar.

A: Thank you. Where can I take it?

B: Near the post office.


A: How much is the fare to the Labor Park?

B: A quarter.

A: Here you are. Two tickets, please.

B: Here’s your change.


A: Could you please tell me where I should get off?

B: Sure. What’s your destination, please?

A: Yellow Stone Park.

B: That’s the third stop.


A: Excuse me, how many stops are there to the Bank of England?

B: Six altogether.

A: Thanks.


A: Is this the right bus for the Red Lion Hotel?

B: Oh, no. You should take Tram No.12.

A: Where can I take it?

B: Two blocks down the street.

A: What’s the stop called?

B: International Fair Center.

A: The next stop will be Friendship Circus then?

B: That’s right.


A: Do I have to change at Chinatown?

B: Yes, and change to Bus No. 8.

A: Is this a local bus?

B: Yes, but we only go as far as the city bank.

A: I really appreciate your help.