A: Manhattan Square, please.
B: All right, sir. When are you supposed to be there?
A: I’d like to go around the city, if you don’t mind.

- 请到曼哈顿广场。
- 好的,先生。要求几点到。
- 如果你不介意,我想看看街景。

A: Drop me at the Manhattan Post Office.
B: Well, that’s an hour’s ride. Why not just post your mail here.
A: Oh, I’m visiting a friend there.
B: I see.

- 我要在曼哈顿邮电局下车。
- 那要开一小时,干嘛不在这儿邮寄呢?
- 我要看一位朋友。
- 我知道了。

A: Are you engaged?
B: No, sir. Can I help you?
A: I want Sharing Company.
B: Oh, hop in.

- 有人预定了你的车吗?
- 没有,先生。您要车吗?
- 去沙玲公司。
- 上车吧。

A: Drive me to Kennedy Airport, please?
B: I’m sorry. My car’s taken.
A: Where is the next taxi stand?
B: Not far away. It’s over there.

- 请送我去肯尼迪机场。
- 抱歉,我的车子有人约了。
- 下一个的士站在哪?
- 不远,就在那儿。

A: I’ve got to be at the headquarters of Citi Bank by 10:30. Can
  you make it?
B: Sure.
A: Is this the right road?
B: Yes, this is the road without much traffic.

- 我要在10:30之前赶到花旗银行总部,你能赶到吗?
- 当然。
- 我们的路线对吗?
- 对,这条路车少。

A: Please take me to London Hotel.
B: Ok. When should we be there?
A: As soon as possible, ’cause I’ve got an important meeting to
B: Ok, if there’s no hold-ups.

- 请送我去伦敦饭店。
- 好吧,什么时候到?
- 越快越好,我要参加一个重要会议。
- 好吧,只要路上不停车就行。

A: Please send a cab to the Grand Hotel.
B: Your address, please?
A: 162, Six Avenue.
B: When do you want this service?
A: 4:30. Thanks.

- 请派辆出租车到格兰德饭店。
- 您的地址是……?
- 第六大街162号。
- 什么时候要车?
- 4:30,谢谢。

A: How much do I owe you?
B: Four dollars and fifty cents.
A: Here’s five dollars, you can keep the change.
B: Thank you.

- 我该付多少钱?
- 4.5美元。
- 给你5美元,零头不用找了。
- 谢谢。